Your Guide to Unique Money Making Ideas

Ideas are the root cause of money-making in all marketing stuffs. Those that are most unique and most creative are the ones being paid in the advertising world. However, ideas should first be qualified as unique before they could be treated as an idea.

Summer can be one of the most exciting time of the year. Due to the weather, one can sweat your way out to the beaches and spend your money like a wild man. But instead of spending your money and waste it for nothing why not spends it for something, yet it will it to grow. Below are just some of the coolest money-making ideas for the summer-season.

Selling Swimming Pools

Buying and selling summer apparels such as portable plastic swimming pools and kiddie pools which the family may enjoy. Act either as an agent or a direct supplier among your prospective clients by buying products in bulk for a cheap price and sell it retail to your local buyers.

Summer Apparels

Swim wears such as trunks, two-piece and one-piece swimsuits are expensive if bought individually. Some wholesalers sell it for a cheaper price if bought in bulk so you may want to contact your local distributor directly for inquiries.

Beach Accessories and Refreshments

Accessories such as inflatable beach toys, tanning lotion, and swimsuits and the like are all part of the summer beach event that is why you can never go without them. Ice cream parlours, lemonades, kites and balloons are also perfect for children.

Summer Educational Program

If ever you are good in swimming, you can provide private swimming programs for children and adults who ever would like to learn the basics of swimming. For this, you will need some swimming gears that will be needed in the training program.

This may include surfboards, and snorkels, googles and fins. You may charge by the hour or by day depending on the agreed terms for the tutorial.


Cooling stations are also perfect for the summer season. Nobody can get to the summer hotspot without refreshment. You can rent a smoothies-making machine and or an ice-cream dispenser, or create your own lemonade store. Flavoured ice drinks are also popular in the summer season.

You will not need a lot of money in order to create one but you will need some basic kitchen utensils in order to make the most delicious and refreshing flavoured ice drinks. You can use fresh pineapple, mango, apple and banana for your ice drinks to make it appear healthier.

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