Yasmin, a special fairy

Yasmin, a special fairy

A book, which gives comfort and courage to small and big readers. A modern fairy tale story, telling, in a witty and humorous way, about Yasmin, the special fairy, who bravely goes her way and does not give up — even if it becomes difficult. Friendship and helpfulness — values that are valid at all times and in all societies — are conveyed. Yasmin helps her friend, the Imp, to rebuild his homeland destroyed by the dragon Theobald. With courage, trust in her own strength and love for nature, "Yasmin, a special fairy" is symbolizing the respective otherness and sensitivity of each individual person, challenges and adventures. The book promotes tolerance and respect, but also discovering one's own boundaries and how to deal with dangers, e.g. when a poisonous snake, which is nicely colorful but very dangerous, is imprisoned. Together with her friends Yasmin also copes with the difficult reconstruction of the destroyed nature. This book sensitizes and encourages parents and grandparents to talk to their children and grandchildren about today's challenges and to find solutions on how to treat nature carefully and live sustainably, e.g. by using water sparingly. This book is lovingly illustrated by the author herself to stimulate the imagination of children.

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