Victor Alimpiev ‘Summer lightnings’ 2004

Colour video, sound

The two films, Summer Lightnings (2004) and Whose is this Exhalation? (2008) are expressions of Alimpiev’s fascination for the natural and sensual world. The first enigmatically captures the natural phenomenon of its title, focusing in its evocation on a group young school children. The new work is a provocative exploration of the senses. Alimpiev’s art incorporates elements of music, painting, dance and theatre, revisiting and exploiting each anew through the platform of the moving image. The results are the absorbing and personal reflections of a precise observer of human behaviour on the nature of individual experience: investigations into the mechanisms of our sensual experience and the individual’s vulnerable relationship not only to the social collective, but to the surrounding world as a whole.
Whose is this Exhalation? uncovers a physical drama in the simple, tactile communication of members of an apparently uniform group. Artificial, obviously constructed events are used to stress the humanity of basic natural processes: a chorus continues to chant a musical phrase in unison, but only for as long as one member can hold his breath. The viewer is thus struck unexpectedly by the significance of this breath- an essential natural process brought for a moment to the foreground- with the revelation that within this constructed environment, the individual stopping breathing forces the music to stop. The most natural processes of life are showcased in a most artificial setting.
Victor Alimpiev, born in Moscow, 1973, has exhibited widely in Russia and the West. His work features in the collections of the following art institutions and foundations:
· Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
· Tate Modern, London
· MUKHA Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp
· Centre Pompidou, Paris
· Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, Moscow
· Trussardi Foundation, Milan
· Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin

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