Touch Screen Learning — A Huge Step Forward

The blackboard complete with chalk, ruled supreme in classroom for many years. Then came the whiteboard, bringing along it own companion, the marker. This was not an earth shattering development, because they still had the same function. They were there so that teacher had a place to write where all in the classroom could read. Right now a new king is being crowned. Touch screen learning is going to revolutionize our idea of teaching.

This star performer in the classrooms of tomorrow is truly cutting edge technology. No chalk or markers are required. You work with a fingertip. The difference between the old and new whiteboards could maybe be explained as similar to the difference between a book and television.

This new board has many uses. It has a connection to a computer set up in class. Anything that can be displayed on the computer screen can be displayed on the whiteboard. The display is controlled by touching the board. The list of what can be done is a long one and includes viewing the web and watching movies.

The learners can be involved in the learning process as they can come up and interact with the whiteboard. This generally keeps student attention longer than normal. It is also more fun for them when they can do things instead of just listening to a teacher talk.

When educators use a whiteboard, it allows them to take notes and after the lessons are done, these notes can be printed out for distribution to the students. This keeps those slow writers up to pace with the rest of the class. Students can concentrate on what is being taught instead of writing notes. Certain systems actually allow a video to be taken of the lesson so people can view it at a later point in time.

These new screens allow students in classrooms to view things almost as they would in real life. The most up to date information is available. Educators can show every angle possible when talking about a certain topic so students can learn and understand more easily. Lessons are going into more detail than before and students are more interactive, which is a better learning environment.

With the new technology it is a lot easier to explain designs or describe buildings. Because the internet has multimedia capabilities images, drawings pictures or video clips can be shown. The maps on the web make it possible to zoom in on a certain place. If a site has a virtual tour capabilities you can take students on one, placing them inside a building where the can see every little detail.

More than one student can make use of the whiteboard at the same time. They can for instance work on a single project from different angles or build different aspects of it. Because images on the board can be moved, the can merge their work at the end to complete the assignment.

In very recent years, technology in the classroom has become very important for both educators and the students and their families. By using touch screen learning, teachers can teach about things in depth and with student attention because of the interactivity. Students are more willing to learn because it is a more fun environment to learn in. These whiteboards are not in every classroom, but it seems to be that in the future, most schools will have them because of all the great benefits that will come from them.

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