Time Crystals and Society

The people appointed by governments to look after infectious diseases include highly trained epidemiologists. They have identified the existence of what they refer to as a global 3D epidemic transmitted by the mass manufacture of dysfunctional communication and information devices. They have no antidote to the sociological damage that the epidemic is causing. Not one of them could find a place in the United Nations to discuss an antidote to this neurological disorder, which leads to continual warfare on earth. As a result, despite years of endless United Nations meetings, resolutions and emotional expressions of moral outrage, the epidemic spreading across the planet is getting worse.

No apology is made for not writing about this subject in the language of incomprehensible, dysfunctional peer reviewed, technological scientific jargon. Papers of great importance related to various aspects of it do indeed exist. Modern science, in its euphoric lust for power, prestige and violence is simply unable and unwilling to comprehend its overall human survival implications. To the best of my knowledge there are no peer reviewed papers written about the crucial substance of this article. Its ethos is ‘For the People by the People’, which embraces humans as belonging to one species rather than various tribes dedicated to imposing scientific violence upon each other.

The antidote to the dysfunctional information epidemic has actually been discovered and internationally recognized. It is beyond the primitive understanding of the prevailing global scientific death cult, which is governed by a law demanding the extinction of all life in the universe — the second law of thermodynamics.

It is common knowledge that religious or bureaucratic persuasions written into political law direct the ethos of nationalistic governmental scientific research. If the living process belongs instead to an infinite fractal mathematical logic linked to artistic emotion then prevailing science and religion will only allow vague glimpses of its intuitive reality. If one carefully watches the brilliant documentary by Arthur C Clarke entitled ‘The Colours of Infinity’ both Clarke and Benoit Mandelbrot, acclaimed as the discoverer of infinite fractal logic, exclude humanity from any infinite purpose. However, The NASA High Energy Project has published papers by Petar Grujic, Science Advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, showing that ancient Greek science had linked the living process to concepts of an infinite fractal universe.

The dysfunctional information epidemic ignores such living infinite information. It is only interested in prolonging the tribal ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm for the benefit of government by the wealthy. Plutocracies around the world play dysfunctional financial poker-machine-like games of war to supposedly protect the people they represent from falling under the control of foreign governments.

In simplistic terms, the mathematical programming within electromagnetic gambling devices (i.e. poker machines) are designed to cause states of eventual financial and moral bankruptcy. They use sound and colour vibrations capable of inducing illusory heroin-like addictions to bring bankruptcies about. Global stock markets over time can be observed to record that such financial war games are using dysfunctional mathematical deceit to outwit their competitors.

The ancient Greek political ‘Science for ethical ends’ on the other hand, developed a concept of evolution using the mathematics now associated with the creation of the time crystal. The mathematical movement of the 28 day moon cycle was thought to explain the emotional female fertility rhythm. This harmonic ‘Music of the Spheres’ movement resonated with the atoms of a mother’s spirit to generate the ethics of her love and care for children. Her joy at anticipating artistic colourful costumes for her children is very real and can be shared with family and friends. This can be contrasted to the unreal hallucinatory joy associated with the mathematical deceit programmed into the poker-machine.

The ancient political science was to guide ennobling government for the health of an infinite universe, in order to prevent the extinction of civilization. That ideal about universal health is consistent with a futuristic medical science employing infinite fractal mathematics, rather than the prevailing primitive death cult mathematics, which demands that our evolutionary process must lead only to extinction.

During the 1980s Australian Science-Art researchers used the ancient Greek infinity mathematics to become the first institute in the world to measure the existence of the life-force. They programmed a computer to generate simulations of seashell growth and development through a period of 50 million years. The evolutionary seashell mathematics matched exactly with the mathematics written into the seashell fossil record. In 1990 the world’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington, published their findings as being one of the important optical mathematical discoveries of the 20th Century, placing it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.

Scientists, infected by our science of dysfunctional information, were unable to even begin to comprehend that the evolutionary mathematical writing within the world’s seashell fossil record had been written by the living creature within the shell. It was not difficult to demonstrate that the modern scientific mind was infected with some emotional form of cancer, preventing any attempt to gain a mental visualization of infinite reality. This cancer is religious in nature. Permission from a chosen deity to obtain knowledge of infinity results in deadly conflict between and within differing tribal ideologies capable of leading to world war.

All this confusion can be resolved quite quickly by programming a computer to entangle death cult science with the antidote information in order to obtain scientific human survival blueprint simulations. In 1974 the founder of the American National Foundation for Cancer Research, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote his ‘Letter to Science’ explaining that the prevailing method of assessing scientific research was in itself a form of neurological cancer.

Proof exists that Szent-Gyorgyi was correct in stating that modern scientific research comprehension is carcinogenic in nature. If you replace the ancient infinite mathematics belonging to the seashell discovery with sterile quantum mechanical mathematics within a computer, the futuristic simulations become distorted, clearly depicting the nature of cancerous growth and development. Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer research together with the Australian seashell discoveries was an important step toward the discovery of the antidote for the dysfunctional information epidemic.

The recent creation of time crystals, a completely new form of matter, by Harvard University physicists and a University of Maryland research team, was recently published by the scientific journal Nature. The mysterious nature of time crystals was predicted in 2012 by the Nobel Laureate, Frank Wilczek. At an atomic scale the newly created time crystals function outside the law upholding our prevailing understanding of reality — the second law of thermodynamics.

However, the time crystals’ discovery, as a display of incredible scientific brilliance is associated with an extremely serious problem, one that surely warrants further critical scientific examination. The creation of time crystals was heralded by the emotional proclamation that Issac Newton’s world-view had been destroyed. From the perspective of our prevailing science this appears obvious, however, it is simply incorrect. Newton, in his published 28th Query Discussions, stated categorically that his non-mechanical description of the universe was derived from ancient Greek Science. That ancient ‘Science for ethical ends’ is compatible with the reality of the atomic time crystal.

The magnitude of this erroneous information is enormous. Newton wrote that the mass of bodies in space does not cause gravity and that those who taught this were advocating a pretentious illusory version of reality. The Church did not tolerate any other examination of infinite reality than its incomprehensible religious dogma, which Newton, a deeply religious Christian, totally despised.

It can be considered that this deceitful religious 17th Century pretense concerning gravitational force is one of the key building blocks used to develop the current 3D epidemic of dysfunctional information. However, a far more ancient use of deceitful religious mathematics emerged at the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia. Ancient tribes fighting each other for survival needed to obey the ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm in order to be able to evolve. Sexual excitement linked to a lust for waging war was the tribal criteria for such survival.

The ancient Sumerians used celestial movement to invent a mathematical measurement of time and direction, now used in our scientific exploration of the universe. However, their concept of infinity was religious rather that mathematical. From numerous ancient clay tablets, concepts involving various warlike gods and goddesses living within a dark abyss, declaring ‘Let there be light’ and then creating hybrid versions of humanity, exist. The concept of infinity belonged to an argument among the gods over the bestowing of immortal life to the keeper of the Ark during the Great Flood. The ancient Mesopotamian tribes had no option but to observe the ‘survival of the fittest’ paradigm. It was inevitable that existing Sumerian mathematics was also developed and placed into political law to appease their goddess of sex and war, Inanna.

The following Babylonian Kingdom developed variations of the Sumerian religious beliefs, later influencing Islamic, Hebrew and Christian religious thought. The Babylonians replaced Inanna with their goddess of prostitution and war, Ishtar. They developed the astrological Sumerian mathematics to be able to predict eclipses. One existing clay tablet records that in 673 BC, a priest advised the King to terrorize the populace by predicting a lunar eclipse. The Gods demanded this information was to be used to incite a lust for war to extend the boundaries of the kingdom.

This code of ‘survival of the fittest’ military conduct was written into their legal system, aspects of which were later inherited by Roman law, and later still within the Western legal system. During the 19th Century, the American champion of Democratic thought, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote that the American Plutocrats had placed aspects of Babylonian law into the structure of American politics. As a result the American people had become enslaved into a perpetual system of financial debt. His solution to this problem was to develop a new industrial technology from Sanskrit mathematics, which allowed the living process to extend to infinity.

There is no disputing the great genius of Albert Einstein nor his compassionate artistic nature. Following the disclosure of his theory of relativity early in the 20th Century he spent the rest of his life attempting to complete quantum mechanics with a living component. The heart-rending tragedy belonging to that lonely quest has been recorded. The book entitled ‘Babylonian Mythology and Modern Science’ published by the New York University’s Library of Science in 1957, stated that Einstein derived his theory of relativity from the mythological mathematical intuitions of ancient Babylon. His later work explained his attempts to modify this conviction and he spent most of his life speculating in vain on how he might embrace a living purpose to complete quantum mechanical science.

Newton’s understanding of the universe was derived from ancient Greek Science. This ancient ‘Science for ethical ends’ is compatible with the reality of the atomic time crystal. Newton was referring to the Greek concept of infinity concerning Anaximander’s infinite primordial substance, called Aperion. The philosopher of science, Karl Popper, wrote about the Apeiron concept. He stated, «In my opinion this idea of Anaximander’s is one of the boldest, most revolutionary and most portentous ideas in the whole history of human thought.»

Newton’s belief that the Greek science was authentic and that the prevailing science of his time was pretentious in assuming that the mass of bodies in space was the cause of gravitational force, is most important. It clearly demonstrates that Quantum mechanics has been based upon the false assumption that Newton’s understanding of the universe was entirely a mechanistic one. Newton considered that his balancing description of a non-mechanical cosmos was more profound than his mechanistic description of the universe. This coincides with Karl Popper’s consideration that this issue is of the utmost global importance, hence the significance of the antidote discovery.

Popper’s concept that the ancient Greek science held the most important idea in the history of the world can be explained by its definition of the nature of political evil. Within Plato’s book, The Republic, ethical political science warns that «Evil» belongs to the destructive property of unformed matter within the physical atom, which can emerge to destroy civilization. The building of the atomic bomb before the psychopathic German Third Reich did so, can be considered to be an ethical tribal necessity. However, scientists never thought about developing the ethical technologies that Platonic science had obviously alluded to. As a result the threat posed by atomic bombs has moved the Doomsday Clock a few minutes to the Doomsday hour. The creation of the atomic time crystal has now accelerated that situation. The intent to use the crystal’s functioning within the present dysfunctional science of artificial intelligence can only bring about truly catastrophic damage. It can be considered that the global neurological cancer information epidemic will go terminal unless the antidote is developed.

If the time crystal physics reality is associated with the living information and communication devices recently discovered existing throughout the entire length of the DNA, then a wonderful human evolutionary survival technology will emerge. Artificial intelligence has no history of feelings associated with the evolution of ethical atomic compassion, but the human metabolism certainly has.

Plato used mathematics to explain how artistic emotional feelings were not ethical. This was because they were lacking an ethical spiritual component. An example of what he was referring to is not difficult to find. The ancient Roman legal system held that the mathematics used to build beautiful aqueducts to bring fresh water to the citizens of Rome was its symbol of power. It was noted that it was vastly superior to the mathematics that was considered to have created useless Egyptian pyramids. The mathematics used to build the Roman Colosseum was instrumental in creating the epitome of Greek artistic culture. However, its innate neurological disease was that the Colosseum, as an artistic expression, was used to excite the populace with acts of organized sadistic behaviour. The Nazi regime associated mathematical genius with exactly the same artistic concept, using the famous Greek discus thrower statue as a symbol associated with the bringing about of World War II.

Immanuel Kant was a Founding Father of the ethical basis of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. The antidote begins to emerge from his research into locating the electromagnetic spiritual artistic ethic sought for by Plato. Kant, along with his contemporary, Emmanuel Levinas, concluded that the artistic spiritual element that Plato sought, belonged to an infinite, ethical, universal, Godlike purpose. Both Kant and Levinas quite specifically referred to this as an evolving emotional asymmetrical electromagnetic field existing within the creative artistic mind.

History’s greatest mathematician, Georg Cantor’s mathematics now underpins most of modern science, except for one fundamental concept, for which he became history’s most vilified mathematician. From his research into ancient Greek science he considered that his infinite mathematics provided access to God’s perpetual paradise. He published his conviction that the modern scientific mind was inhabited by a «myopic fear of infinity» that denied this ethical purpose. Both the Church and famous mathematicians of his day so savagely attacked him he was admitted to hospital, where he later died of starvation. However, Cantor had one supporter, the mathematician, David Hilbert, who, whilst working with Albert Einstein, provided the necessary electromagnetic evidence that allowed the antidote to the global disinformation epidemic to be discovered.

A high resolution picture of the human cell poised to divide has been identified as being an infinite fractal mathematical expression. Epidemiologists attempting to find an antidote to the global dysfunctional information epidemic realized that Cantorian mathematical sensibility must, in some way, be involved with the healthy living process. Hilbert’s biological asymmetrical electromagnetic field during the transfer of healthy information to the replica cell, will not allow dysfunctional information from gaining access to it. As this demonstrated Cantor’s infinite mathematics as part of the living process, the epidemiologists, infected by a neurological denial of this, were unable to grasp its true significance.

In 2016 the Australian antidote discovery was presented to the pubic in Italy and Russia by Italian quantum biologists and Quantum Art International, which had shared in its relevant research since 2010. At the Russian presentation it was awarded a first prize by the World Fund for Arts. In 2017 the World Fund for Arts, under the auspices of the Russian Government, laid the foundations for further Science-Art Research. If critical international debate eventuates from that initiative, then a sustainable political science should emerge to instigate the development of a future Science-Art technology.

The nature of future technology utilising the antidote became obvious from the writings of the mathematician and electrical engineer, Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He invented the asymmetrical electromagnetic alternating current motor, the fundamental basis of the electric power industry in the United States of America. Steinmetz wrote that instead of this physical technology, a far greater one was apparent in the form of an asymmetrical electromagnetic «spiritual» technology. Steinmetz had published works about the spiritual atomic science of ancient Greece.

Salvador Dali’s eccentric and flamboyant criticisms of modern science entered the world of simple technological genius when it led to his conviction that paintings contained hidden ethical stereoscopic 3D messages. Dali actually wrote »The discovery of invisible images certainly lies within my destiny». Every nuance within his struggle to come to terms with that emotional conviction warrants painstaking investigation by neurological scientists familiar with Guy Deutscher’s revival of 19th Century linguistic colour perception theory. Deutscher’s 2012 book of the year entitled ‘Through the Language Glass’ revised the 19th Century linguistic colour perception theories of Wolfgang von Goethe establishing a new neurological science.

Epidemiologists need to become acquainted with Dali’s stereoscopic intuitions, constituting an evolutionary step towards the neurological visualization of reality, belonging to the world of the time crystal.

The Science-Art theories of Salvador Dali have been linked to his criticisms of the writings of some of the great scientific minds of the 19th and 20th Centuries. His investigations into political ideologies can be seen as a practical colour laboratory experimenting with Goethe’s Science of Colour. Dali’s artistic language about his feelings about art fused Freudian terminology into his own emotional feelings about the philosophy of science. Dali’s artistic stereoscopic theories were associated with Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic theories about creative art and the existence of an infinite universal ethic inhabiting the creative mind.

The paper titled ‘The Neural Sources of Salvador Dali’s Ambiguity’ by Semir Zeki, University College London, explores the complex functioning of Dali’s mind concerning electromagnetic colour perception activity. Dali’s experimental use of two asymmetrical paintings to pursue Kant’s description of an evolving spiritual ethical asymmetrical electromagnetic field within the artistic creative mind has now been greatly developed. Australian Science-Artists discovered how to make Dali’s invisible stereoscopic inner vision much more dramatically visible to the public.

In 2002 asymmetrical electromagnetic stereoscopic glasses were patented. By viewing single paintings through those glasses, the evolutionary process of Dali’s artistic theories became undeniably apparent. The Australian research became so advanced that the visibility of 3D images apparently moving within individual paintings delivered aspects of ‘Mind over Colour Torque Forces’, of interest to engineers. They saw it as being contrary to the ‘Colour over Mind’ torque forces emanating from unethical poker-machine technology. Such concepts surely belong more to Charles Proteus Steinmetz’s far superior asymmetrical electromagnetic spiritual technology than the one ordained by our prevailing dysfunctional thermodynamic culture.

Dali’s stereoscopic art exhibitions throughout the world belong to a multi-million dollar business enterprise. If a new artistic presentation of his genius comes into existence for the general public then this will be the financial catalyst needed to usher in a multi-billion dollar human survival technology.

In 1979, the Science-Unit of Australian National Television, in its eight part scientific documentary series called ‘The Scientists — Profiles of Discovery’, predicted that this would happen. It dedicated one of the documentaries to the Australian Science-Art seashell discoveries, referring to it as «The Catalyst».

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