The Healing Power of Art: A Self-Guided Expressive Art Workshop

The Healing Power of Art: A Self-Guided Expressive Art Workshop

You don’t have to be an artist to use art for healing. In The Healing Power of Art, you will discover how to bring this natural healing power into your own life, even if you can draw only simple shapes and stick figures. With expressive-art therapist Barbara Ganim, you will learn how to access your own inner language of imagery — the key to healing with art.

Artists have long known intuitively what science has now confirmed: Art can help heal the pain in our lives. In one of the first major studies on the relationship between stress and illness, researchers found that the majority of cancer patients involved had experienced a serious emotional trauma just 12 to 18 months before their diagnosis. Later researchers investigated how imagery, when used properly, could eliminate or reverse the stress response, which contributes to immune system dysfunction. Now, through this full eight-hour program of instruction and exercises, you can experience your own body’s ability to heal itself through the power of art.

Join Barbara Ganim as she presents everything you need to know about this creative approach to resolving inner conflicts, healing physical illness, and overcoming your fears. By following a three-step process, you will learn how to access your stress-producing emotions, express and release them through art, and transform them into positive, healing emotions.

Already proven to educators, medical caregivers, and other healing professionals at Ganim’s popular national workshops, this full 12-session audio course works for everybody, even if you’ve never tried drawing or painting in your life (in fact nonartists often report the best results from this process). Because art and imagery can help improve immune system function, alleviate depression, and relieve pain, they have been called the «medicine of the future».

By Barbara Ganim

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