The Colors of Nature — Painting Inspiration Comes From the Beauty Around You

One of the most often asked questions is, «How do I pick out the right color for my room?» My standard answer is to find an inspiration piece something you love and take the colors from that. I now suggest another and even better way. I love adventure and this new technique will give a little adventure along with the perfect color.

The best inspiration for color is nature. I love the way I feel in nature so why would I not want to use it as an inspiration for the colors of my home? This works well especially when you want to combine colors throughout your home.

You can find inspiration virtually everywhere, the desert, the mountains or even in a park. You will have a hard time going wrong when you follow natures lead. I was on vacation looking at the colors around me it was amazing. I had the deep greens in the Norfolk Pine trees, that changed to the lighter green as you moved up and out to the tip of the branches. Right there before my eyes a complete color combination for any room in my home.

As I looked beyond the trees I saw the ocean and beach before me. There was another complete color palette just waiting for me to investigate. The light colors of the sand, the white of the waves crashing in, the turquoise of the water as my eye went further out, changing into a beautiful light blue, and eventually going into a deep dark intense blue. A complete color palette stretched out in front of me.

You can use the same process with flowers, birds and butterflies. Watch the sky from morning to night, a complete color palette happens as the day begins and ends. Carefully look at the way nature puts the colors together and then use these combinations in your home.

After you have found your inspiration place or item start taking pictures. Take many pictures of the same place, from different angles, if you can at different times of the day. Get the pictures blown up and choose the colors that give you the greatest joy and work best in your home. You can take the picture and the colors to your local paint store and they will come up with the exact color match. What a way to bring color into your home and had an adventure along the way.

Don’t forget to use the pictures you have taken and display them in your home. Every time you look at the picture it will bring a smile to your face remembering the adventure that brought these amazing colors into your home.

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