The Cancer Antidote

Australian Science-Art researchers in the 1980s used infinite fractal mathematics to measure the life-force governing seashell evolution over a 50 million year period. The computer program generated futuristic seashell simulations matching the mathematics recorded in the seashell fossil record. The world’s largest technological research institute IEEE, in 1990 acclaimed this as an important optics discovery of the 20th Century. Scientists could see that the computer simulations matched the evolutionary fossil mathematics. They were incapable of comprehending that the living creatures within the shell were the authors of 50 million years of mathematical evolution. The reason for this is because prevailing science demands that life must move toward extinction, not infinity. When sterile quantum mechanical mathematics is used to generate futuristic seashell life-form simulations, they became distorted.

Quantum mechanics can be now be considered to convey a form of scientific cancer information. Epidemiologists have identified the existence of what they refer to as a 3D global epidemic transmitted by the mass production of dysfunctional communication and information devices. The discovery of the antidote to this epidemic in 2016 demonstrated the existence of a 3D stereoscopic information system functioning in contradiction to the dysfunctional one. The optical transmission of the healthy information appeared to belong to the working of a holographic universe, alluded to in ancient Greek science.

The mathematician Georg Cantor, considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, was despised by his peers and the Church for his revolutionary theories giving humanity mathematical access to infinity. Eventually his theories became obviously correct. His summation of his invention of set theory expressed a concept that is fundamental to the functioning of a holographic universe: «A set is a Many that allows itself to be thought of as a One».

In quantum biology cancer research, healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to the energies moving toward extinction. Their entanglement acts to evolve universal consciousness according to the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, the Founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, Szent-Gyorgyi. He argued in his 1972 Letter to Science, that prevailing science is by nature carcinogenic, preventing the discovery of a cure for cancer.

For thousands of years human tribes evolved by waging perpetual war against each other in obedience to the law of survival of the fittest. Now that DNA can demonstrate that humans belong to one species, the laws governing scientific reality need to be adjusted accordingly. Any species that continually harms itself is suffering from a form of neurological cancer. Therefore, at least two scientific worldviews exist, one describing reality for the evolution of human tribes and another for the evolutionary survival of the human species.

Medical statistics demonstrate that despite brilliant technological discoveries that mitigate cancer disease, the global war against cancer is failing. The more money put into cancer research the more cancer proliferates. During the evolution of mathematics at the dawn of civilisation in Mesopotamia, we find two sciences. One led to our exploration of galaxies throughout the universe and the other resulted in the threat of our extinction via nuclear warfare. Plato warned within ‘The Republic’ about the potential of an incomplete science causing unformed matter to emerge from the physical atom to destroy civilisation. Geog Cantor explained about the measurable difference of an incomplete science, in which all life in the universe is doomed to extinction and a science that allows the life force process to evolve to infinity. As mentioned above, the Nobel Laureate cancer researcher, Szent-Gyorgyi, considered that Einstein’s tribal mathematics governed by a Neolithic necessity to wage constant war, is innately carcinogenic. The greatest honour to Einstein’s undoubted genius will be to immortalise it beyond the limitations of the law he knew governed tribal science.

The Sumerian culture measured time on earth as a seven day week of 24 hours per day, each hour comprising of 60 minutes. This measurement of time was associated with direction belonging to a circle containing 360 degrees. Both Sumerian time and direction mathematics are now used to explore the physical reality of the universe. However, the Sumerian intuition concerning the nature of infinity was not scientifically feasible. Instead, the survival of the fittest paradigm needed to belong to an emotional desire to enjoy waging war, hence the worship of their goddess of sex and war, Innana. Numerous clay tablets exist in which access to infinity became the prerogative of various warring gods associated with the creation of hybrid humans. Hostility among the gods occurred when immortality was granted to a keeper of the Ark during the Great Flood. Variations of this concept of mythological, religious infinity were adopted by the following Babylonian culture, later spreading into major religions throughout the world.

Babylonian scientific priests developed the Sumerian astrological science to be able to predict eclipses accurately. The Sumerian goddess Inanna became Ishtar the goddess of prostitution and war. A clay tablet was discovered carrying a message from a priest to the King of Babylon concerning the Lunar eclipse of 673 BC. It was about the gods demanding war to extend the boundaries of the Kingdom. Babylonian worship of Ishtar, was to incite a lust for war by a populace afraid of punishment by gods capable of removing the light from the moon. Mathematical knowledge of eclipses was used to terrorize the populace who then sought sexual solace to cope with that situation. This deceitful use of unethical mathematics is similar to the mathematics programmed into a poker machine using sound and colour vibrations to bring about states of financial and moral bankruptcies. Plutocracies, government by the wealthy, wage constant war with each other using global stock-market stratagems in the name of protecting the tribes they represent from falling victims to foreign tribal ideologies.

An altogether different concept of mathematics associated with sexual intuition came into existence later within ancient Greek atomic science. It was about a science to guide ennobling government for the health of an infinite universe so that civilisation would not become extinct. This ethical approach, for the super spiritual protection of the universal environment concept, is far greater than any existing environmental protection projects. In ancient Greek logic, the 28 day moon cycle was thought to harmonise with a mother’s fertility cycle. The moon’s harmonic mathematical movement was associated with sexuality by resonating with the atoms of the mother’s spirit, explaining her intuitive love and compassion for children. This living mathematical ethic, which belongs to an infinite universe, is an absurd concept within Einstein’s science, which demands the extinction of all life in the universe. The living concept could never be implemented until the 21st Century when DNA classification showed that the tribes belonged to one single species (Smithonian National Museum of Natural History).

Epidemiologists who have located the above mentioned 3D global epidemic of dysfunctional information now creating social havoc have formed an alliance with epigeneticists in the study of neurological disease and cancer research. Epigenetics is about the study of how circumstances such as environmental pollution, diet, stress and the process by which cells, tissue, and organs acquire specialized features, especially during embryonic development effecting the genetic process transmitted from parent to offspring. The dream of epigenetics is to upgrade bio-medical science for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of the global human condition. For medical researchers this is a difficult task as there are many gaps in prevailing science that need to be bridged before such an objective can be realized.

Just such a bridge was fundamental to the work of molecular biologist, C P Snow. His 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University was of its construction to solve the world’s problems. Entitled The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution the bridge is about a new understanding of the relationship between science and art. This bridge requires a new comprehension of the law that Einstein held is governing prevailing science — the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In 2008, The Times Literary Supplement published Snow’s The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution as one of the 100 books that most influenced social awareness since the Second World War. I doubt very much that Snow’s bridge to resolve this Second Law of Thermodynamics death cult dilemma is presently influencing global society at all. The Second Law’s carcinogenic association with our impending extinction has been too firmly entrenched within our scientific thinking.

In 1903 A Free Man’s Worship, written by Bertrand Russell advocated that we had no other scientific choice but to obey the extinction dictates of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Russell was convinced that «the universe is inexorably moving to death», His sexual references to the worshiping of Christianity’s confusing development of the Babylonian Goddess, Ishtar, had him removed from his Professor of Philosophy position at the College of the City of New York in 1940. His proposition to ‘make love not war’ in defiance of Hitler’s Third Reich psychopathic dogma, was to appeal to many university students throughout Britain and the USA. In 1950 Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his, A History of Western Philosophy. Although Russell’s book was praised by Albert Einstein, it received a mixed reception from academic reviewers.

Russell was conversant with the role of Ishtar and the Babylonian ability to predict eclipses but was incapable of linking it to any global epidemic transmitted by dysfunctional Babylonian information. Ralph Waldo Emerson during the 19th Century condemned the Babylonian mathematical deceit as being the forerunner to American debt enslavement. His key to breaking free of this situation belonged to Sanskrit mathematics’ ability to link the living process to infinity. In 1957 the New York University Library of Science published the book Babylonian Mythology and Modern Science in which it stated that Einstein derived his theory of relativity from the mythological mathematical intuitions of ancient Babylon. To be fair, in his later life, Einstein attempted in vain to complete quantum mechanics with a living scientific logic, but his mind was overruled with the obsession about the inevitable destruction of all life in the universe. Einstein was a realist. His science was not wrong, as tribes have no choice but to obey the existing survival of the fittest paradigm.

A more productive living science is now coming into focus. Quantum biology cancer research shows that healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to the carcinogenic energies of our obsolete understanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics’ extinction energies. Szent-Gyorgyi’s argument that the entropic energies entangle with healthy information flow to evolve universal consciousness appears to be consistent to the working of a holographic universal reality alluded to by the mathematician, Cantor. The evidence that seashell evolution is programmed by non-carcinogenic life-forms assumes the same process applies to the human species.

Salvador Dali, the Surrealist artist, helped lay the foundations for the bridge between science and art. His painting Geopoliticus Child depicts a child born into C P Snow’s Third Science-Art Culture, beyond the limitations of the Second Law of Thermodynamics’ dictatorship. Dali’s in depth criticism of prevailing science was expressed in an eccentric emotional artistic language belonging to Freudian philosophy. His absolute genius, however, is evident when he published that within paintings are invisible «stereoscopic messages», crucial for the betterment of the global human condition.

Over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher of mathematical political science, Plato, used the forces of magnets to explain that art was creating unethical illusory pretensions in the form of dysfunctional information, lacking a spiritual, artistic wisdom (Socrates conversing with Ion). The founder of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science, Immauel Kant, concluded that the spiritual artistic wisdom Plato searched for was an asymmetrical electromagnetic field evolving within the creative artistic mind. The 20th Century philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas, agreed with Kant about that observation.

In 2002 asymmetrical electromagnetic stereoscopic glasses were patented. By viewing paintings through them, the evolutionary functioning of Immanuel Kant’s asymmetrical electromagnetic field of creativity became obvious. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the discovery in 2016 of the antidote to dysfunctional information associated with a cure for cancer, is our only effective weapon to combat tribal science’s evolutionary need to wage perpetual war. With the use of stereoscopic electromagnetic glasses, Salvador Dali’s prediction of invisible 3D images evolving within the human mind applies to artwork being unconsciously produced by artists from all the tribes on earth.

The transformation of our Neolithic science into a human survival one, in accordance with the functioning of a holographic universe is being prevented by cancer research held in servitude to the accepted flawed Second Law of Thermodynamics. The more money invested in this erroneous research, the more the cancer problem will continue accelerating towards its terminal state of development. Science was wrong to forbid seashells to evolve by transmitting living information to their seashell homes. However, the corporate system is developing artificial intelligence by engineering holograms to provide the means to increase its dysfunctional memory capacity, in particular for the design of first strike weaponry. The situation is ironic; medical scientists generally appear to have no inkling that a biological model exists to demonstrate how the creative mind can unconsciously use colour to create incredibly complex stereoscopic holographic images. These unconscious images are often consistent with the artist’s linguistic description of the artwork, a central aspect relevant to ancient Greek neurological philosophy of science. This evidence supports the ideas of Newton’s contemporary, Gottfried Leibniz, whose work on holographic mathematical reality in the 17th Century led to Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe in 1991, which completely challenges Western Science’s concepts of reality.

In 2012 the linguistic/physicist, Guy Deutscher’s upgrade of 19th Century linguistic colour perception theory within his book of the year Through the Language Glass, which had been dismissed from the Great Darwinian Debate, became fundamental to a new neurological science.

The issues raised in this article are so profound that examples of how the structure of modern science, in particular quantum mechanics, was founded upon false assumptions, warrant indisputable evidence to prove that this error indeed occurred.

Within his published 28th Query discussions, Isaac Newton stated that ancient Greek science provided the authoritative explanation that the mass of bodies in space was not the first cause of gravitational force. He argued that philosophers of science who insisted otherwise were «pretentious scholars». In his unpublished Heresy Papers Newton wrote that «the mechanical description of the universe had to be completed by a more profound natural philosophy of science based upon the principles of particles in motion» (the journal Nature, 1989, vol 342, 30 Nov, page 473, Alchemy of Matter and Mind by Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol, Richard Gregory). Newton derived his revolutionary concept of gravity from ancient Greek science that has lain dormant until the 21st Century. Argument exists as to whether Newton or Leibniz first invented calculus. Both philosophers of science drew upon ancient Greek science. Therefore, both Newton and Leibniz’s calculus appear to have been instrumental in the development of the 20th Century publication, The Holographic Universe.

C P Snow’s bridge to resolve the science’s thermodynamic death cult dilemma had no hope of substantially influencing global social awareness at all. Both Russell and Einstein developed their theories in association with pre-Socratic Greek philosophical reasoning. Apparently they were unaware of Plato’s political science warning about the «Evil» of unformed matter within the physical atom emerging to destroy civilisation. Although both were concerned about preventing global atomic destruction, such destruction nevertheless ensued due to their lifeless mechanistic quantum mechanical world view. Plato’s observation led to the Manhattan Project constructing the nuclear bomb, thankfully before Hitler’s psychopathic Third Reich did so. Today the potential of atomic warfare is much more threatening in the form of a tribal neurotic cancer as can be seen with the North Korean crisis. No relevant medical research exists to develop the Platonic technologies that Kant, Levinas, Steinmetz and Salvador Dali have demonstrated can be obtained. This problem is so deeply rooted within our scientific culture that an attempt to demonstrate its schizophrenic neurological disposition is warranted, in order to permit future critical debate about crucial human survival mathematics.

Francis Macdonald Cornford, a Laurence Professor educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and a Fellow of the British Academy published a book in 1932 entitled Before and After Socrates. This book has been continually reprinted ever since as a core curriculum study prerequisite for aspirants for high public office in England and the USA. It demonstrates how the confused neurological nature of Russell and Einstein’s commitment to tribal mathematics was fused into Western culture, which becomes carcinogenic when DNA reveals that human tribes belong to one species.

The book mentions that the Christian Church had forgiven Plato for being born a pagan before the birth of Christ and later appointed him a founding father of the Church.

In 415 AD a rioting Christian mob, burning books belonging to the Great Library of Alexandria, murdered the Custodian of the library, the mathematician Hypatia. St Augustine, whose writings became an integral aspect of modern Western Christianity and philosophy declared that her mathematics was the work of the Devil and that the Greek evil of unformed matter within the atom referred to female sexuality. Augustine was aware of the mathematics associated with the worship of Ishtar, the Bible’s Great Whore of Babylon. However, Hypatia had been studying the mathematics associated with Plato’s ethical atomic science. The confused concept of mathematics being associated with a father of the Church advocating the work of the Devil is innate in the core curriculum philosophical structure of Western government’s political ideology.

In conclusion, qualified medical cancer researchers now have the opportunity to critically examine the nature of cancer within the reality of a holographic universe. The artists associated with the discovery of the physics law governing the evolution of seashell growth and development through space-time are now represented by the World’s largest art gallery, Park West in the United States of America. These artists are prepared to donate an entire stereoscopic 3D art collection of paintings to a venue to attract tourists to visit and see for themselves, proof that Salvador Dali’s genius prediction of the demise of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is now an integral aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance. All proceeds from that World-first exhibition demonstrating Immanuel Kant’s asymmetrical electromagnetic evolving ethical, creative field within the artistic mind, are to go directly into cancer research.

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