the art of Stefan Krikl: «next !»*

the art of Stefan Krikl: «next !»*

*#1, from my holocaust set consisting of several hundred drawings, paintings and prints based on my impressions as a six year old. The above, number one of set, starts innocently enough and depicts a emergency registration office set up in the Pecek Palace in Prague after the assassination of our Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, the city of my birth.
Unlike in literature and movies where every one would be beaten up, the Gestapo clerks were rather ordinary, the only discomfort felt was the six or more hours wait to be registered and fingerprinted which included myself as a six year old. Instead of SS man in helmets we were guarded /for our own protection/ by Czech policemen who supplied the lists of those to be registered to the Gestapo and who later helped the SS in the roundup of all Jews to be send to the camps.
After what seemed like an eternity we were released and warned not to leave the city. What I remember the most of this interview and I wish I could have painted it, is the peculiar odor of my parents and the same smell coming from all others being interviewed. I knew what perspiration smelled like from being told to wash myself with soap under the arms during hot summer days /this was before the invention of underarm sprays/ but this odor was different.
Many years later, after having taken many bullfighting lessons and facing a real life fighting bull for the first time, I was able to identify this curious oder as that one of fear.
from my diaries on the impressions on the holocaust.
On my next illustration, I am describing a scene with a much more sinister outcome for my family.
p.s. I am curious if this set is of interest, before I start scanning the other illustrations; your comments,negative or positive will be equally appreciated.
thank you!

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