Sweet Seasonal Birthday Celebrations

Having trouble planning your child’s next big birthday celebration? Draw your inspiration from the seasons! Planning a birthday party around the time of year your child’s birthday falls in can be a nice break from cowboy birthday invitations and tired old cartoon cake toppers.

Seasonal celebrations give you a chance to combine some chic touches to your child’s birthday invitations, décor, party favors and food that both parents and kids will appreciate! Find your child’s birthday season below and start planning your own sweet seasonal birthday celebration today.

Spring: Soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature! Spring birthdays deserve to be spent outdoors in a local park, at a campground or even just wandering around a local zoo. No matter what location you choose, your party should be all about nature. Choose birthday invitations full of floral imagery or images of the great outdoors. You can even embrace the start of the baseball season with sporty themes on your birthday invitations, cake and decorations.

Summer: This sizzling hot season is perfect for beach, lake and pool parties, which make it easy to find fun summer birthday invitations and other matching party accouterments. But don’t forget about the other fun parts of summer-barbecues, baseball games, trips to amusement parks and water games in the front yard are also great summer pastimes that you can be turned into fun themes, with birthday invitations, decorations and party favors to match!

Fall: So many people have fall birthdays, and so few of them take advantage of the beautiful season in their celebrations! From the beautiful, dusty jewel tones you can use for birthday invitations and décor to the fun fall events you can incorporate into your theme, autumn offers an abundance of great birthday ideas. Host a football tailgate party with matching birthday invitations and then watch the game at home or at the stadium! Or, include crafts in your party activities that use the lovely fall leaves. You can even carve pumpkins, bob for apples or plan a group hike or rock climbing excursion!

Winter: During the chilly months, you can either cuddle up and keep warm with cozy indoor parties or bust out into the winter landscape for snowball fights and sledding parties. Cocoa and cider make great party drinks, and warm cookies and cobblers will be the perfect desserts. Plus, you can turn all kinds of cute winter cards into fun themed birthday invitations, and use white felt or packing peanuts to create an indoor winter wonderland!

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