Sunset Sky with 30 Rembrandt Pastels

This is a simple landscape created with a small set of Rembrandt pastels. Start out with a small, inexpensive set to get the feel of working with pastels. They are a wonderful pick ‘em up, put ‘em down medium that doesn’t require tons of time to clean up, so you can spend hours or just a few minutes and easily come back to them later. They are a direct and expressive and combine the sensations of both drawing and painting. Give them a try!

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“It’s a great honor to work with students to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained from my many great instructors and my own discoveries as a painter. I’m a true believer that the fundamentals of painting combined with our individual voices make painting a uniquely satisfying endeavor. As a teacher, I provide a strong base of the fundamentals of painting to guide every student in reaching their unique artistic intentions in a supportive, nurturing and creative environment.” — Marla

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