Snorkeling With the Whole Family

It’s reasonably priced too, buy your adult snorkeling equipment and use it indefinitely, for no extra charge. Rent for the kids until they are full grown then purchase equipment for them that again, will last indefinitely.

There are many vacation spots where snorkeling is a big draw, and many of the places you snorkel, you do so in shallow water. When I say shallow water, I mean water shallow enough for the kids to stand in, bend over, put their masked face in the water and watch fish swim by. Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean all have excellent shallow water snorkeling. This makes it pretty darn safe even for the youngest of your family. Good snorkel areas tend to have very calm water, but you still should maintain a watch on the little ones and practice water safety. Overall, shallow water snorkeling is very safe.

To start the day off right, eat a light breakfast and hit the beach early in the morning, before the big crowds arrive. Stake out a nice sunny spot, so when you came out of the water you can warm up. Keep the beach umbrella close by for later in the day. Always check with the life guard about conditions in the water, including any currents commonly found near the snorkel area before you enter the water. Make sure all rental snorkel equipment is in good condition before you use it. Always give the kids a refresher course on snorkel use before you enter the water, even if they have snorkeled before.

Many snorkel parks have rest rooms, restaurants, gift shops and anything else a vacationing family can want or need. You can usually purchase a nice water proof identification card for the local fish species at the gift shop. This can make your day of snorkeling even more fun. You can mark the species as you see them, or see who spots the most species of sea animals. Notice how this turns into fun and educational?

You can also usually purchase underwater disposable or one-use cameras. This is a really fun thing to give the kids. They will spend hours swimming around trying to get a photo of that one special fish or turtle. The results can be very nice and provide interesting additions to your scrap book. Get a camera for yourself as well, you are going to see something you just wish you had a photo of!

Have one member of the family be the time keeper and alert everyone when it’s lunch time. Snorkeling can be so entertaining that the time will fly by. Plan on a siesta after lunch, with time on dry land before you continue your family water adventure!

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