Sathya Sai School — Thailand

Sathya Sai School — Thailand

Dr. Art-Ong Jumsai takes us on a tour through the Sathya Sai School in Thailand. The school’s wonderful curriculum is based on the Education in Human Values Program taught by Sathya Sai Baba. The principle of the school is to build the character of the children. 

In every facet of life in the school, be it living, studying, or playing, much more emphasis is placed on teamwork than on individual achievement. Universal human values like truth, honesty, love, loyalty, sharing, compassion, courage, and determination are imparted in day-to-day functioning. The weekends are devoted to activities like planting trees or planting rice seedlings, to inculcate environmental awareness. In the process the children are taught to develop their commitment to the society.

The school in Thailand has grades 1 to 8 with 180, children in all. The children are brought up in an atmosphere of love, reverence, mutual respect, co-operation, and spiritual discipline. The children begin their day at 5:45 am in the prayer hall along with the teachers and other staff of the school. The prayer hall is huge, with a capacity of 300-350, where symbols of all the major religions are displayed.

This Sathya Sai School was started in 1996. This was the second Sathya Sai school to be set up outside India, the first being in Zambia. Today there are over 120 Sathya Sai Schools around the world—in Australia, Nepal, Fiji, Indonesia, Canada, eand more. The Sathya Sai schools around the world follow the national curriculum of the respective countries, but the essence of human values are blended into the academic curriculum.

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