Safety Room, Julianna Banousi

Safety Room, Julianna Banousi

Solo performance by Julianna Banousi
Friday 2 June 2023

In March 2023 Flux Laboratory Athens invited as artist-in residence Julianna Banousi to work in its premises in Plaka. On Friday June 2, 2023, she presented her performative work titled Safety Room.

Her work takes as its starting point the painting “Japanese Bridge and Water Lilies” by Claude Monet. It is based on the superficial vulnerability and durability of water lilies. The creator focuses on ascribing meaning to the water lily, seeing it as something perfect.

The main idea of her work is founded on the underlying concept of internalised forcefulness that the notions of fragility and serenity encompass. The vulnerable water lily follows the movement of the water. It has no initiative, it just moves, with no resistance. It simply obeys, traveling along with the water. There is a sense of fear, a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and exhaustion arising from the suppression of anxiety and shame.

Idea/Choreography: Julianna Banousi
Assistant Choreographer/Dramaturgy: Zoi Efstathiou
Original music: Kalliopi Mitropoulou
Lighting design: Alexandros Politakis
Production: ANEMA Dance company

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