Road Art: A Different View of Back Roads

Road Art: A Different View of Back Roads

Road Art is a trip. It is a journey to a familiar place that we all use and yet to a part hidden from most. The vehicles for this trip are our eyes, an evocative imagination and some previous work done by artists who didn’t realize what they are doing: The local town and state public works departments.

Every year roads are torn up due to usage, the elements (frost, ice, water running off, ect.) or other forms of damage, and have to be repaired. Sometimes the entire road gets gutted and the 4-6 layers are replaced, sometimes milling machines are used to remove the surface and then a new layer of pavement is put down and other times just the cracks are filled with tar which delays larger potholes from forming.

It is those tar filled cracks that take us on the visual odyssey found within this book and make unwitting artists out of the men and women that maintain our roads so that we can enjoy our time driving: be it the commute to work, taking the kids to school, sports and other activities or just a Sunday drive, without all to many bumps.

Road Art introduces us to another dimension or perhaps just a slower persons view of those filled cracks, one that brings to life the all but unnoticed parts of many of our roads and shows us the birds, dancers, acrobats, dragons, monkeys, lovers, fairies, trees and much more.

Discover the hidden world of Road Art within the pages and enjoy the accompanying facts, quotes and compositions in this wonderful work that will open your mind and reveal to you a new perspective of the world around us.

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