Rita Crane Photography:   Pacific Ocean / winter / people / Sunset at Big River, Mendocino

Rita Crane Photography: Pacific Ocean / winter / people / Sunset at Big River, Mendocino

The gorgeous peachy color penetrated the mist….for a few minutes! When I drove across the bridge at Big River, I caught a glimpse of this shining reflection ….and couldn’t help making a U-turn to come back to catch it, but had only a few minutes to get the shot before the sun disappeared into the fog.


This photo is dedicated to the artist Emmy Lou Packard who saved the headlands and cliffs along the village of Mendocino from being developed. It is remarkable what one visionary person with confidence, persistence, and a few like-minded friends can do! Here is her story in bits and pieces, excerpted from several sites online:

"When word got out (in the late 1960’s) that the [Mendocino] headlands were going to be developed by their lumber company owners, artist Emmy Lou Packard mobilized a citizens’ group which succeeded in preserving the open space that surrounds the town. Eventually—in 1972—the Mendocino headlands became a state park and the entire town was listed on the National Register of Historic Places."

And from another site, here’s some more information about Emmy Lou Packard:
"Emmy Lou Packard, 1914-1998, Diego Rivera’s primary assistant in the mural project, a prominent artist in her own right and social activist who led the effort to save the Rivera inspired Rincon Annex murals in San Francisco."
— Statement from the Diego Rivera Mural Project .riveramural.

Emmy Lou undertook many artistic activities as a painter, print-maker, and muralist. (Readers should seek out her bas relief in the Sproul Plaza at U.C Berkeley). She created her first solid body of work the first year she lived with Diego and Frida. Among them a mosiac mural for the Hillcrest Elementary School in San Francisco. Her most famous works are the woodblock prints "Peace is Children’s Best Friend" and "Peace is a Human Right".

In 1993 the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom re-printed Peace is a Human Right as a note card, with the following inscription on the back: "On this, the 30th anniversary of the original printing, we are honoring the well-known Bay Area artist. Emmy Lou was a protege of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and her work has been indispensable in the struggle for peace and the equality of all peoples. She has been a source of inspiration to young local artists whose murals have transformed San Francisco’s Mission District into an outdoor art gallery. We salute Emmy Lou Packard who has done so much to enrich our lives."

She also was instrumental in saving the magnificent Mendocino headlands from being blanketed by little pink stucco retirement homes. (A forest-land trade was arranged with the lumber company that owned the area). The townspeople have erected a plaque in her honor, discretely placed on a log above the pristine cliffs. .sonic./~goblin/pack.html

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