The Palace of Westminster is one of the most iconic and significant buildings in the world and is a national monument of the UK. It is home to one of the busiest parliaments, with more than a million people, including 100,000 school children, passing through its doors each year.

A report last year estimated that, should MPs stay in the building while restoration took place, the cost could be as much as £7.1bn. Forcing MPs and peers to move into temporary accommodation for six years would halve the cost.

There are varying reports as to how long the renovation could take and going by what I have read so far, it could be anywhere between 3-7 years. This essentially means, we will never get to see the house of Parliament the way it is pictured here without any scaffolding or clothes around the structures to aid the renovation for a while. I shot this over a couple of years ago but I always thought I could get a better shot as the sunset was not to my liking..however, going by the current renovation estimates, it could be a long wait :/

The House of Parliament with the Big Ben and the bridge of Westminster across the Thames river is one of the most photographed landscapes in the UK if not the world…

Well, here’s to hoping that this iconic building would undergo this rebirth swiftly and enable us to enjoy this view for many generations to come…

To all my American friends, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

EXIF — f/13.0, 481secs ISO50 29mm
Lee Big Stopper

Thanks for viewing and have a nice week ahead everyone!

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