Present Moment a Path of Mindfulness

Present Moment a Path of Mindfulness

A path of mindfulness through a collection of forty watercolor paintings with Haiku poems by Balakhovsky. "This artistic path is a mindfulness journey for me. It gives me unexpected gifts and wonderful surprises." Unknowingly, I took my first step in this transformational journey when I took an afternoon beginners watercolor painting class. I was so stressed out from work that I wanted to try something different. Since I had never painted before, I thought I would try this class. From the very first day, I was fascinated by how the different colors moved and blended on the damp paper. I was so focused on what was happening that I forgot everything else. I was in the present moment. This was a very powerful mindfulness, a focused form of meditation for me. This was my beginning toward a richer, more meaningful, more positive outlook on my life.

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