Polka Dot Tuxedo

Polka Dot Tuxedo

POLKA DOT TUXEDO is a book of original one act satiric plays and poems, on the subjects of social affairs, art and politics. The collection of vivid and stimulating plays and poems presents a world of adversity, illusion and the grotesque. Written with crisp style, easy to perform dialogue, and immensely colorful and energetic characters, the plays range from three to fifteen minutes in length. Plays include: «Hippie,» about an unruly resident confronting the manager of his quiet apartment building. «The Great Surrealist Class,» presents artist
Salvador Dali refusing to teach his art class students. «Royal Patient,» conveys a psychiatric hospital reality with weird doctor and patient relations — especially the patient, Queen Cleopatra. One of the satiric poems: «America of an Immigrant» depicts a legal immigrant’s perception of his new country, seen by him through the windows of a Boeing 747. This poem received First Prize in the National Poetry Contest conducted by Lucidity Poetry Journal. This collection of satiric plays and poems constitutes a perfect educational supplement for high schools and college acting workshops, comedy review shows, competitions or festivals, and also for professional theater settings. POLKA DOT TUXEDO was created for the new generation of inspiring actors to shine.

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