Personal geography of 2013

Personal geography of 2013

It probably doesn’t look all that different from last year’s, but actually a lot has changed.

Last year’s bus trips to and walks back from the old Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts were replaced by walks to the new museum at Pier 15, to finish up my couple of pieces that are now on display in the Observatory. Then those trips were replaced by walks from the Civic Center BART station to the Mapbox office space at Code for America on 9th Street.

In between, many bike trips to Wurster Hall on the Berkeley campus, to read through a bunch of the Environmental Design library, talk to people in the Urban Analytics Lab, and, later in the year, attend Transportation Camp.

There’s one visit to Mission Bay just to walk around, and another couple to present at the OpenStreetMap State of the Map US conference.

The new Bay Bridge, by car and by bike. Walking around Treasure Island while the bridge was closed and then driving around Yerba Buena Island after the new one opened to get the changes straightened out on OpenStreetMap. The new Caldecott Tunnel.

At the far right, more GPS exploring in the Oakland and Orinda hills to clear up OpenStreetMap mysteries. Walking some San Francisco streets I had never been on before, in Forest Hill and the Western Addition and Visitacion Valley.

A trip underground to tour the Central Subway tunnel boring machine. A ferry to Sausalito to see the Bay Model. David Rumsey’s map collection in Cole Valley. The Naval Air Museum in Alameda. SPUR to give a talk and for Unbuilt San Francisco. A visit to the DHL warehouse at Oakland Airport to pick up a package.

Not shown: Walking 50 miles around Washington, DC while visiting the Mapbox home office. Checking out the future Warm Springs BART site. Family visits in Southern California.


In general, black is walking, red is bicycling, blue is cars or buses, and green is above-ground rapid transit or freeways. (Color is from speed, not from an actual record of transportation mode.) Not shown: tunnels and subways. How big is your world?

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