Owl, Wolf, Woman & Moon

Owl, Wolf, Woman & Moon

Wow, this took me months to finally finish this. Not because I spent that amount of time drawing but instead finding motivation to draw to begin with. Anyway, it’s done. That’s what matters.

So, the end result for the background didn’t go as plan but I still like it. I wanted to try something a little different; which I think I failed because I want it to be more realistic but I still think it turned out great.

Besides all of that, I’m glad that I made this. I haven’t drawn a owl in a LONG time, plus I needed practice on drawing wolves and the human anatomy (at least for the face in this case). I’ll admit, I do better traditionally (with pencils and such) than digital.

Art by Ashley Kunze (a.k.a. UniqueWolf137)

Please do NOT steal, edit, trace and/or re-post without MY PERMISSION. Thank you. And have a nice day!

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