On This Bright Day

On This Bright Day

Daily inspiration year-round to help end the cycle of yo-yo dieting and food addiction from the author of Bright Line Eating.

Day by day, week by week, Susan Peirce Thompson, author of the New York Times best-selling Bright Line Eating, draws on the latest scientific findings to help you to make consistent progress toward the life you envision.

Whether you do Bright Line Eating, you’re a member of a 12-step program for food addiction or compulsive overeating, or are charting your own path of freedom from food obsession, you will feel guided and inspired as you work to:

live in a state of peace around fooddevelop lasting self-compassion profoundly heal your body and mind practice the habits that make recovery hum unleash the meaning and purpose in your life beyond food and weight
With these practical words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement, you will have a daily reminder that your future is indeed Bright.

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