Olympic Cares About People

Olympic has reformulated its paints to be more environmentally friendly. This means both the inside and the outside environment. Since Olympic is more environmentally friendly, you can use this paint with confidence.

Olympic has always been concerned with beauty, and paint allows people to create beauty. Now Olympic has created a paint that preserves beauty as well. All Olympic paints are formulated to be odor free and have zero VOC in them. This saves the world from harmful chemicals.

VOCs are the volatile organic compounds that are found in most paints. These are harmful solvents that can be released into the air as the paint dries after being applied. VOCs contribute to indoor air pollutions and ground-level ozone. The VOCs in paint are not extremely dangerous, but can cause several health problems. These include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and eye, throat, and nose irritation. Removing these compounds means that one can safely use Olympic paint any time of the year without opening all the windows.

Olympic paint has been so dedicated to reducing indoor pollution from paint fumes, that it was featured in Parenting Magazine and on Today Show. The experts at these shows recommend using Olympic paint for painting children’s rooms and furniture, since the paint is VOC free.

Additionally Olympic comes in such a wide variety of colors in both interior and exterior paint, that anyone can find a shade to make them happy. These colors are backed up by a great guarantee that ranges from 15 years on Olympic’s Acrylic/latex formula to 25 years in Olympic’s Premium Paints. The 25 year guarantee is also included with the specialty paints, such as Olympic Ceiling paint and Olympic Kitchen and Bath paint.

To find the color that is right for your project, start by defining the space. Once you know where you are going to paint, decide what mood should be set for the space. From there, you can choose a shade that pleases and inspires you. When ready to begin, you can feel confident that you are protecting the environment with Olympic’s zero VOC paints.

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