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Edvard Munch is a famous Norwegian painter and Munch prints make great topics for study thanks to the incredible expressionist qualities that they demonstrate. This article covers the career of Munch and discusses what makes his prints and paintings so popular in the current art market of the modern era.

The style of this artist ensures that they are suitable for a versatile range of different art products including tapestries, giclee art prints and even stretched canvases. Reproductions are also reasonably easy to achieve because of his relatively simplistic style. The beauty was in the imagination of the artist’s mind.

The most famous paintings by Munch included The Scream, Death in the Sickroom, The Dance of Life, Madonna, Vampire, Lady From the Sea, Ashes, The Sick Child and Death of Marat I. Munch’s main ambition was to use his works to demonstrate the experiences of people at that time, always from working class backgrounds that had real lives, as he saw it. This depressing but honest set of accounts reminds many of Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters series, but that artist later went onto specialise in landscape paintings instead with more positive colour scheme.

The fair conclusion to draw is that those who choose to buy Munch prints online do so because they enjoy the artist’s honest depictions of life as well as his emotional and stylish interpretations within each and every painting. The series of works which compare different emotions are the best example of this. His colour schemes are also unusual and offer great contrasts that stand out brilliantly to the viewer of the work.

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