Martial Arts Training Tips — Effective Kicking Tips — Roundhouse, Side & Back Kick

Roundhouse Kick

The roundhouse kick is a circular techniques and is good for throwing in combinations, beware that you can open yourself up when kicking to the inside of your opponent. When executing your Roundhouse Kick chamber your leg so that it faces to the side. Extend your leg and point your toes — strike with either the top of the foot or the shin. Areas to strike are thigh, body and head.

Side Kick

The side kick is a very strong and fast kick, great for points sparring but you need to work on this technique to fire strong and effective combinations because you turn side on whilst throwing the kick and this can slow the next technique down. Chamber your leg the same as a roundhouse kick, extend your leg and strike with the heel or foot sword. Areas to strike are the knee, body and head.

Back Kick

If you know Master Bob Sykes you will know this is his favourite technique, and bob has a great back kick, this can only be achieved through lots of repetition. Its one thing to have good form in a kick and another to actually be effective at putting it into practice. If you get this kick right it can probably be the most powerful kick of all. Keep your feet still and turn your body, look over your shoulder, chamber your leg and throw a sidekick and you have your back kick.

This technique can be used to counter if timed correctly or it should be used in a combination with other techniques to set it up.


1. Practice your balance by chambering your leg tight.
2. Keep your hands up at all times
3. Practice your kicks using different methods to develop different attributes — shadow for form, pad work for power and speed, partner work for distance and timing. Remember to focus on Quality not Quantity
4. Stretch and strengthen your legs to develop flexibility and strength to allow greater movement and use less energy in your kicks
5. Practice with both legs — when I was competing the front leg was mainly used and because of doing many more repetitions on one side I have developed a back challenge. So practice both sides!

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