KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 8In Powered Studio Monitor Ea: Perfecting Sound Mixing in Easy Ways

KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 8In Powered Studio Monitor Ea is designed for sound mixing. Popular around homes and bars, this audio monitor produces quality bass and transforms dreary sound into a powerful beat. This product features input volume control which enables you to perform the needed adjustments from +6 dB to -30dB. Express yourself through music and make the boring crowd feel the thrill and excitement, make people sway their hips with the capacity of this product to combine various sounds into a strong music. May it be ballad, rock, alternative or party song, you have the full access to mix them up without the problem of distortion or interference.

Everyone who enjoys getting quality sound and mixing music must experience the power of this product. For musicians and people who love to record songs, this studio monitor is the most perfect choice. What makes this audio equipment the most powerful of all? It features all the best add-ons for a more accurate and quality sound output in your audio mixings. It has curved front plate design virtually to get rid of the diffraction distortion. Apart from this amazing feature, this powered studio monitor provides waveguide design for amazing imaging and front-firing port for low frequency extension without the hassle of boundary coupling. For more appropriate frequency response, new speaker voicing is also designed thus making this product extra powerful to produce the most quality sound.

This product comes with numerous benefits. The item has a uniquely designed tweeter wave guide which is used mainly to direct the sound outwards and away from the cabinet for a better sound. With this power studio monitor, you also get a number of input options such as RCA, XLR, or quarter-inch for sound balance. This input and output features helps you improve your sound mixing with less or no problems at all. This product has improved speaker voicing which is more accurate than any other studio monitors. You get exactly the right quality of sound as expected. If you got a room in where you play your songs, it is also possible to customize the monitor by controlling the high frequency output to match your room’s ambiance.

The studio monitor mainly concentrates on your mix but never disregards giving value to quality sound. The common audio monitor designed for sound mixing might include front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter and glass aramid composite yellow cone. However, the revolutionary KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 8In Powered Studio Monitor Ea features better voicing and attractive appearance. Among the best features it provides are: high frequency response, video shielding, manageable dimension and weight and amplification. Box includes KRK Rokit 8 powered monitor, AC power cord and owner’s manual. It is also perfect to use for celebrations and recordings.

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