Krav Maga Training Classes

Krav Maga Training classes are gaining popularity worldwide thanks to the simplistic approach applied in Krav Maga tactics for self defense and attack. Krav Maga, which means «close combat,» is a form of martial arts developed in Israel. It covers a variety of striking techniques including wrestling and grappling, which prepare a person to encounter brutal attacks. It is being practiced in several parts of the world. This martial art form is gaining wider acceptance among common people, as well as those preparing for special employment opportunities as bodyguards or security personnel.

Krav Maga Training classes run only for a few months, and can be practiced by both adults and children. The only prerequisite to join the classes is to have passion towards this martial art form. People from all walks of the society are aware of the benefits of Krav Maga training classes. The growing number of crimes in the society and the insecurity surrounding the common lives are the factors that drive people towards it’s training classes. Earlier, it’s training classes were restricted to the minority of the population that were keen to be employed in armed forces or police departments, but today, this martial arts form has become an essential skill to be acquired by anybody for self defense.

It’s Training classes provide training on a variety of fight patterns that will prove to be highly effective while fighting your enemy. The Krav Maga training classes give specialized training on various self defense tactics against common attack types like choke holds, arm grabs and bear hugs. It also teaches the basics of fighting, for example, identifying the vulnerable areas of the enemy and attacking that part of the enemy’s body. Further training is given on competitive handling of weapons such as guns, knives and sticks.

Krav Maga Training classes are incomplete without personality training. The course focuses on the holistic development of the persona, which aims to prepare him/her physically and emotionally. At the end of the training, the person acquires a physically fit body, controlled mind and a set of tactics that helps him face any challenge that comes on his/her way. The classes are categorized on the basis of different belt levels. The first four levels — yellow, orange, green and blue — focus on over hundred joint lock and chokehold variations. The most advanced level is the black belt that gives the necessary training to prepare the candidate for professional security jobs and/or military appointments.

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