KAIROS Update (September 2022)

KAIROS Update (September 2022)

This weekend, Senior Pastor of Joy Church, Pastor Jim Frease, shared a special announcement about our efforts to reach college-age students in the region through a new project. View the video below to watch this announcement.

The pastoral staff at Joy Church recognizes the national trends regarding college and career age adults.

The college and career aged demographic (18-27) is one of the most under-served groups within churches and communities. This provides one of the greatest opportunities for ministry, evangelism, and discipleship.

National studies show that once church going teenagers graduate from high school, approximately 65% of them drop out of church.
There are several colleges within a short distance of Mount Juliet, along with many young professionals that reside in the area. These young adults have very few options for gathering and fellowship.

We are making some exciting changes to help us more effectively reach and minister to the young adults in our church and community.

Regarding our people-power provisions, our community Outreach Pastor, Pastor James Biddle, will be taking over the leadership of our college and career group. We will also be bringing on two wonderful couples to assist in leadership roles, and our Senior Pastor, Pastor Jim Frease, will also be doing once a month ministry to this group.
In addition, we are excited to announce that we are going to make a major construction investment in our young adults!

We are going to begin to build a state of the art Coffee House and outdoor volleyball courts as a ministry hub for our young adults that will be a hangout with a higher calling, where the outpouring of coffee meets the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! The name will be Kairos Coffee House. This will provide a venue for our college and career aged adults to bring their friends, fellow students, and coworkers that is a safe environment for them to gather and grow in their relationship with Jesus!

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