«Jérôme» Original Art / Cyril Georget / Male Nudes / Geo Painter’s Renaissance

Jérôme, acrylic on canvas 30x50cm. A nude superman sit on a tunnel wher an angel and a devil play the Death and Life game with some nude men (after Hieronymus Bosch). Near the signature: 27th December 2017. Painted between Spring and Winter 2016. Sold for 193 USD to an US collector. Two young men are having sex after a drawing of Rockwell near the signature too. The landscape is Marseille harbour after Signac, a French Pointillist painter. Bosch’s animal and details of «Saint Jérôme» all around: birds are standing on trees branches, owls, giant flower and owl beside which a naked hitch hiker… in the middle of the water on Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delight white boat another nude and excited man is resting… While the harbour tower is on fire!

#Jérôme #Original #Art #Cyril #Georget #Male #Nudes #Geo #Painters #Renaissance

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