How to do a abstract painting with color bands and palette knife

in this video I demonstrate how to do a abstract with color bands using a pallet knife. I sure how you can load the canvas with white and then blend a violet into it to create your backdrop for your abstract. then I show you how I feel the canvas with colors squeezing the paint directly onto the canvas from the tube to create these bands of color violet yellow phthalo blue orange light blue. once the canvas is loaded with the color bands and I proceed to use the pallet knife to blend two colors at a time using a horizontal stroke in a downward motion to create even more of a color band with zigzag patterns creating an abstract illusion. I go across the canvas completing this stuff throughout all the colors until it is completed. and in the end what your head is a multiple color composition with zigzag fluid lines creating an abstract. I hope you like the video thanks for watching please don’t forget to subscribe hit the Bell notification and hit the like button because it helps the algorithms, also share the video if you think it’s worth sharing. thanks peace out.

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