Her DIY $9k Bus Tiny House — Art Studio on Board

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Rita and her pup live full-time in this 2001 Ford shuttle bus named Wilbur. With childhood memories of road trips and family members traveling in homes on wheels, it’s in her system to be a nomad! As an artist, her design is based around the studio where she can comfortably create and pursue her passion.

The kitchen is creative and authentic, with a bucket for a sink, a tea dispenser for the faucet, and other fun additions. Rita originally designed a beautiful shower pan but quickly learned she usually had access to rivers or a gym. So, she changed the shower into a hanging clothes closet and storage to hide the compost toilet. To save space for daily living, she has a queen-sized bed that pushes up to a couch during the day. This lovely nomad encourages anyone who wants to live tiny to get out there and make it happen no matter your budget!

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Shuttle Bus Kitchen
03:34 Shuttle Bus Art Studio
04:37 Why Nomad Life
06:14 Shuttle Bus Bedroom/Living Room
08:08 Traveling Solo Female
09:20 Shuttle Bus Closet
10:35 Shuttle Bus Cab
14:13 Advice to Future Nomads


Shot by: @brian_bear_butler
Edited by: @filmbro_

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