Graphic Animation Company South West | Children’s Art Week 2023 | Pushed Ltd

Graphic Animation Company South West | Children’s Art Week 2023 | Pushed Ltd

Graphic Animation Company South West | Children’s Art Week 2023 | Pushed Ltd

Children’s Art Week 2023 was held this summer across the span of three weeks, from 29 June – 19 July. This idea is to provide opportunities for children, young people and families to come together in order to take part in practical activities with artists and art educators around the country. With events and opportunities taking place everywhere from schools to libraries to country parks and heritage sites, there are plenty of chances to improve awareness and allow children to get in touch with their creative side. The goal of this program isn’t just to highlight the importance of creativity, but to use art to examine the ways we can use innovation and creative designs to inspire the world around us, as well how it can connect us to the art forms used by previous generations. Inspiration can be found in the smallest of places, and it is simply a matter of sparking that first feeling of creativity that leads to the development of art and inspirational conversations.

This animation was designed by Pushed to use across their social platforms, as this not only increases publicity for the events but also shows that Pushed is in touch with what’s happening currently and is keen to promote local events and awareness days in the UK. It takes a humorous and creative approach to animation, bringing a child’s drawing to life in the spirit of Children’s Art Week. The animation proceeds to dance on the table to upbeat music, hopefully bringing a smile or a chuckle to the audience as they scroll past. By being used across social media platforms, this engaging video will have plenty of opportunities to spark creativity, raise awareness and encourage people to get in touch with forgotten hobbies and skills.

Who Are Pushed:
Pushed are an animation studio and video production company based in Devon, who are a talented team of RTS award-winning animators, filmmakers, and designers. With decades of experience behind us not only in the South West, but throughout the UK, Pushed are experts at bringing projects to life, on all types of screens. From engaging TV and online audiences with a story of fantastic content to sell a product, to distilling a complicated, corporate message into something palatable; we bring creativity, imagination, and a bit of fun to everything we do.

How to contact us:
Phone: 01752 346507

Why not check out our website:

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