From blocks figures to muscles…

From blocks figures to muscles…

From blocks figures to muscles: a Figure Drawing Foundation course
ZOOM COURSE | Wednesday | Number of Lessons: 6 | 01/18/2023 — 02/22/2023 | 9:30 AM — 12:30 PM EST

In this third course dedicated to the stereometric rendering of the volumes of the human body, we will systematically add to the basic blocks of the stereometric volumes, the forms of the external muscles, creating essential reference charts of the front, back and side view of the human figure. We will then create a good number of drawings of figures in different poses, at rest, in movement, in foreshortening, using reference images or from imagination, rendering the body at first as basic blocks, and gradually adding the main muscular volumes.

This Figure Drawing Foundation course is essential link between Stereometry and Figure Anatomy and will permit you to “read” and better interpret the human figure, improving your Figure Drawing skills.


A pad of good quality Drawing paper, such as Stratmore Drawing series 400, Medium finish, size 11” by 14 or so.
Graphite pencils in HB, B gradations, colored pencils in red earth (such as Venetian red, Indian red, burnt Sienna or Sanguine), dark blue and black. I like Faber Castell Polychromos because they have a good pigment load and they are slightly harder than other brands. Other good Brands are Caran D’ache, Derwent, Stabilo, you can also use any colored pencils you like or already have.
Sharpeners and erasers.
Other materials will be discussed in class.


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