Extracurricular Activities on an Application

When applying to schools you need to keep in mind what to put on your applications. The three main things that schools look for are letters of recommendations, extracurricular activities and essays. You will want to spend quality time preparing all three of these in order to be a standout applicant.

You might be confused trying to figure out what looks the best on a college application. One of the confusing parts can be the extracurricular activities. These can be fun, but when putting them on a college admission application you should show the college what kind of a person you truly are. The list of these actives should reflect your lifestyle and personality. You should show through your activities your commitment to a goal, your attitude and your interest in something. Decide what kind of activity you want to be involved in and get going on it!

The amount of time spent on extracurricular activities is also important. You should show your dedication, but also show you have time for school and homework. The colleges want to see how well rounded you really are. Having too many activities can hurt the application. When applying to schools you’ll want to display to the college an overview of your life.

There is no extracurricular activity that is better than another. The key is to find the activity that shows your personality and dedication to something. When choosing activities to participate in, choose something that you are passionate about. The schools will see your passion and this will show your dedication and your personality. Be creative in choosing your activities. Extracurricular activities can range from anything like arts, clubs, volunteer and community service work all the way to sports. Look for anything around your community that you can volunteer in. Find things you enjoy doing and see if there is a way to volunteer doing it. Anything can be considered an extracurricular activity, just be creative in choosing for yourself. A job can also count as an extracurricular activity. The college representatives are looking at your whole life and working at a job shows where you have spent your time.

Use your skills in trying to come up with extracurricular activities. Show off who you are and what you are interested in. When applying for schools, the college is looking for a well-rounded person who will be a great asset to their school. Keep this in mind as you are choosing the activities you are participating in and the jobs you are doing.

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