Expect a Miracle from God

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Nehemiah 1:11-2:8
January 2, 2011


Personal miracles are…

Needs that God fulfills with our presence or action
Opportunities for God to show his personal love and concern through a human agent.

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 (New International Version)


“O Lord, please hear my prayer! Listen to the prayers of those of us who delight in honoring you.” Nehemiah 1:11
“How can I not be sad? For the city where my ancestors are buried is in ruins.” Nehemiah 2:3

Pay attention to out of context thoughts or interruptions
An inner push that directs us toward a person or an action


Provision, resources, money
Dreams that are dashed, loss of potential
Broken relationships

A. A _revealing_ clue: is a signal that comes from another person’s words or body language.
The king asked, “Why are you looking so sad? You don’t look sick … You must be deeply troubled.” Nehemiah 2:2

B. A _clarifying_ response: Confirming a need. Usually in the form of a question
“The king asked, “Well, how can I help you?” Nehemiah 2:4

The king said to me, «What is it you want?» Then I prayed to the God of heaven…” Nehemiah 2:4 NIV

Asking to be sent

“If you are pleased with me, your servant, send me to Judah to rebuild the city.” Nehemiah 2:5

Asking for involvement – and don’t limit it to Christians

“If it pleases the king, let me have letters… Nehemiah 2:7
“Let me have timber” Nehemiah 2:8
“The king, I should add sent along army officers and horsemen to protect me.” Nehemiah 2:9

Asking that deeper question that comes to mind about the need.

a. Trust God to lead you (Move through fear).
b. Search for the emotional obstacle or limiting belief.
c. Give God time to act.

“The king granted these requests, because the gracious hand of God was on me.” Nehemiah 2:8

Help others to see and give God the credit.

“The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden…you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes.” Isaiah 58:11-12 (NLT)

This is the English Transcript

Nehemiah lived in Persia

in four hundred and fifty BC

He was the cupbearer a person that

tested all the food and drink of the king
to make sure it wasn’t a poison

They had a close relationship

but the king was the king

and the cup bearer was the cup bearer

Nehemiah was an ordinary person

that God called to do an extraordinary task

the rebuilding of the wall to the temple

It wasn’t something he could do on his own
In fact

he wasn’t even free to do what God called him
to do in that moment

a feeling of God’s pushing of God’s nudging
in his life he had to go to the king

and get the king’s permission and well you
never know what the king is going to do

That’s the scene of our

scripture passage this morning so please

follow along in your Bibles or we’ve printed
it for you

on the leaf of your bulletin

Nehemiah chapter one

starting in verse eleven

Oh Lord please hear my prayer

listen to the prayers of those of us who delight
in honoring you

Please grant me success today

by making the king favorable to me

put it in his heart to be kind to me

In those days I was the king’s cup bearer

Early the following spring in the month
of Nisan

during the twelfth year of king Artaxerxes

I was serving the king his wine

I had never before appeared sad in his presence

so the king asked me why are you looking so

you don’t look sick to me

you must be deeply troubled

Then I was terrified

But I replied “Long live the king!

How can I not be sad for the city where my

are buried is in ruins

the gates have been destroyed by fire”

The king asked

How can I help you?

With a prayer to the God of heaven
I replied “if it pleases the king

and if you are pleased with me your servant

send me to Judah to rebuild the city where
my ancestors are buried”

Then the king with the queen sitting

beside him asked “how long will you be gone?

when will you return?

After I told him how long I would be gone

The king agreed to my request

I also said to the king “if it pleases the king

let me have letters addressed to the governors

of the province west

of the Euphrates River

instructing them to let me travel safely through
their territories

on my way to Judah

and please give me a letter

addressed to Aspah

the manager of the king’s forest

instructing him to give me timber I will need
it to make the beams of the gates

of the temple fortress

for the city walls and for a

house for myself

And the king granted these requests


the gracious hand of God

was upon me

One of the things I do as

the minister to adults at the church is to
write small group curriculum

and I always enjoy especially the Fall when
we can tie what we’re doing in small

groups to what’s being done on Sunday mornings

So last year I decided when I had
my time to talk on New Year’s to tie

it to

Thessalonians And this year since I’ve been
working on Nehemiah

for our small group studies I thought
I would tie it into Nehemiah

as well and see what we can learn from it

corporately as well as many of you who’ve done
it in your small group lessons

One of the things that stood out to me as
I looked at this particular passage

was how

a story of one

As Scott said “ordinary person”

can apply so directly to our lives

in terms of how God uses him and uses us

in the lives of others

Now Nehemiah is

a little bit of an anomaly

in the Bible

Here is a book

about the building of wall


in that book

qualified it to be put in the Bible?

That’s the story of Nehemiah

A man goes off

and builds a wall

there’s no red sea crossing

there’s no


supernatural miracles of healing or
raising people from the dead

It’s a construction project

yet it made it into the Bible

and I think that there is something very profound

that we can learn

from Nehemiah

and how he responded to God

how he

took the

the uh

word that God gave to him the insights God
gave and he turned it into reality

Something very helpful for us as well because
how often do we see

Red sea crossings how often do we see huge
miracles like supernatural healings

and yet every day we run into circumstances

that God is a part of

God is at work

One of the ways that that’s been described
in the past is something called “Divine encounters”

Times when God is doing something and we just
don’t understand exactly what

But God’s hand his imprint is on it

Another way to look at that is

to call it “personal miracles” and if you
look in your bulletin outlines [download above]

I cover that a little bit and you can follow
along with me

It’s needs

that God fulfills with our presence

or action

This was the type of miracle that Nehemiah
was a part of

God wanted to use him to meet a very specific

in the lives of the people of Israel

in the restoring of the wall

of Jerusalem

and like Nehemiah we have

assignments we have things that God wants

us to do

in other people’s lives

in their daily lives

that he will fulfill with our presence or

If you think back to your own life

the times you felt God was at work in
your life

many times at least in my life I’ve found that
it involved other people

It invovled somebody there at the right time
in the right place providing a resource

providing a word of encouragement

and I hope today will see some of the principles
involved in

being those kind of people

to others

so that God can use us to do miracles in other
people’s lives

Personal miracles

opportunities for God to show his personal
love and concern

through a human agent

Now the reason I believe this so strongly

That God wants to use us

in this way

is from a passage in Ephesians

It says we are God’s workmanship

created in Christ Jesus to do good works

which God prepared in advance for us to do

The things that God has for us this coming
year are good works

and they are ways to reveal Himself

to other people

To show his hand

to show his power to show his touch in other
people’s lives And he wants to do that through

us because we are his workmanship

We were created

to do those kind of good works that He has
prepared for us

Nehemiah lived that out

Nehemiah was that kind an example

But the way forward in that

is something very simple

and I hope today as we look at some of the
points here

we can

Remember them and tie them to our lives

The first thing that Nehemiah did to start
that life of miracles

was to respond

to God’s nudges

to respond

to God’s nudges

God gets our attention in various ways

and here at the beginning of this story


was interrupted

by his brother who came for a visit

and while his brother was there he learned
of the situation

in Jerusalem

and as a result

there was a welling up inside of Nehemiah
of grief

There was anguish

He mourned he prayed and he fasted for days

Have you ever had that happen in your life?

when something unexpected happens when you
get news

that you were not

planning on hearing

or something in

the actual news strikes you and you begin

to be concerned about it

what Nehemiah did is very important and it’s
very important for us too as week we practice

responding to God And that was he acknowledged
what was happening and he took his concerns

directly to God

It says “Oh Lord please hear my prayer listen to
the prayers of those who delight in honoring

You” and that’s just a bit of his prayer if
you’ve read chapter one

He poured out his heart about the state of
the people of Israel and the sin

of his people and the desire to follow

It says a little later “how can I not be sad
when the city where my ancestors are buried

is in ruins

and the gates have been destroyed by fire

Nehemiah was upset at the state of the people

at the broken walls the broken dreams
of the people of Israel

of the unrealized things

that we’re not happening at home

and a question you might ask yourself

is “Am I


to the things that disturb me?”

In fact what disturbs you to distraction?

What comes up

and takes away from your normal day train
of thought?

What do you do with those thoughts when they

Here Nehemiah

took them to God

Now I know

This is a way that God works because it
happened actually in the small group

lessons that we had done I put a
question in there in the first lesson

In Nehemiah that said

“Where is home for you

and is there any unfinished business at home?”

Now unfortunately I put that right at the very beginning
of the lesson

and when we did it in our small group

that was pretty much the only question we

in the small group lesson that night

because it opened up a door

as people thought of home

as they thought of family

as they thought about unfinished business
of broken relationships

person after person was sharing

and that was our small group that evening

but it was a very important moment of responding

to God’s nudges

There was a question asked an interruption
that brought about deep things

and that’s all a part

of beginning the process of living a life
of miracles is responding

to God’s nudges

We pay attention to the out of context thoughts and
interruptions in our life

Out of context thoughts…

Have you ever

been reading or doing something going
on a walk and all of a sudden a thought comes

to you about a person

out of the blue

and the thought is uh Maybe I should call

or maybe I should write them

What do you do with those thoughts?

Do you just say “Oh no it’s just…

oh maybe a random thought”

Or do you

respond and do that

Well my

message to you and I think the lesson from
Nehemiah is we begin practicing

Responding to those out of context thoughts
because they may be God’s nudges in our life

to do something

Think about unexpected interruptions

that may collide with our plans and preferences
of the day

If you look at the Jesus’life

Most of the stories in the Gospels relate to
interruptions that he faced

There’s a man in a tree

While Jesus is walking going somewhere

Jesus stops

Talks to him and

ends up at his house

Jesus is in a house teaching

A person

well a group of people make a hole in the roof
and bring a guy down who is paralyzed interrupting

what he’s doing

Jesus stops

He responds

and helps that person

These is a late night visitor

To come and see Jesus Nicodemus Jesus
takes some time and explains to him

about the truth

People wanting

our attention

So what do we do with those interruptions?

What do we do

with those

thoughts become out of context?

That’s important

and Nehemiah took those kinds of thoughts
and he brought them to God

I’m going to talk about three areas today about
what to do when God gets our attention

He starts with His nudges but then he draws us

to do three different things with those
interruptions and those thoughts

The first one

is to draw out the need

Draw out the need


always involve

needs being met

Sometimes these are bigger

and sometimes they’re smaller

but God provides help

it is difficult to attribute to coincidence

That’s the beginning of a miracle and there’s

A variety of places it starts

A couple of them are provision

One is provision


sometimes that involves

sickness needing to be healed

It may involve a job

but God can

meet those kinds of needs in a variety of
ways sometimes

without explanation sometimes through
other people

Another thing that he does in terms
of meeting needs is about our dreams

and our hopes our potential in life

Can you think back to a time in your life

when someone spoke a word to you

that changed the course of what you did? perhaps
a decision you were making

were you went for counsel

and someone spoke that word that helped you
make the right decision

God can use

other people

to help fulfill dreams that
He might have for us

So we walk in the way that He wants us
to walk

and then thirdly

Broken relationships


family members that are not talking
to each other

Sometimes it takes an outside person to come
and say “hey you need to talk to that person”

All of those are personal


in our life especially when they come

from someone who was not part of the situation
and they entered in and became part of it

If you look here all three of these were disturbing

He was not involved in Jerusalem he didn’t
even live there he didn’t grow up there

and yet he was now concerned


the dashed dreams of the people the families
that were separated

and it was bothering him but if you note
here in the story

these needs had to be coaxed

out of him

They weren’t

just manifest to people

they had to be drawn out and the person who
drew it out was the king

The king drew it out

I think there is an important principle here because
If Nehemiah had gone directly to the king

with his request

It might not have gone so well If you look at
his relations with the king he was

was not in a position to do that

and yet God used the king to draw out these

and if you notice

people in need

those who come in

most forcefully

with a need or request

are often one of two things

Sometimes they are salesman

sometimes they’re panhandlers

But those

who have a legitimate need that God wants to
fulfill often

are more subtle

and they hint

and God brings them across our path

and it is our job to draw out the need

There’s a couple ways that happens one

a revealing clue A revealing clue the signal
that comes from another person’s words or body


You have it right here in the story

The king asked me why are you looking so sad

You don’t look sick to me

You must be deeply troubled

The king

no less was paying attention

and he saw

the sadness in Nehemiah’s face that had
been building up for months

He drew it out

and God used this subtlety to get at the
heart of the matter

so as we encounter people in our paths

as we think of people as we

have interruptions

look at the body language or hints

“I’m worried

about something”

“I’m regretful about something”

How are we responding to those basic

hints that they’re giving

and secondly what happened was a clarifying

A clarifying response The king asked “well how
can I help you?”

He did a follow-up He confirmed the need

he asked another question

and again sometimes we may disqualify ourselves

from being

the answer to someone’s prayer

because we don’t follow up

because we don’t

go that

extra step and ask that extra question

When that need is being hinted at

But the king in this case drew him out

the queen got involved asking more questions

what’s discouraging you Nehemiah?

What would you like to do?

and we as well

can be those kind of people and others lives

Keeping our eyes open

for body language

clarifying what is going on

Now so far

what I’ve covered is pretty

straightforward and it’s pretty easy

You have a thought

you respond to it

if you think about writing someone or calling
them you do it

If you’ve ever done that you sometimes see
That God had a reason for it

Someone comes across your path

you pay attention to body language you ask some deeper

to draw out the need

Now assuming you’re doing that

There’s another step

to be involved in miracles

and that is investing


and risking

You ever seen an adventure movie?

there’s always a moment

and an adventure movie

the hero

stands up sometimes with the sword in hand

says “I’m in

and are you with me?” Right?

Or they come in the situation and there’s bullets
flying and they stand in the middle of it

ready for danger and they fight the fight

in order to go to the next step

you have to invest

and usually you have to take risk or two

It’s part of a life of faith

trusting in God and not exactly knowing
what’s going to happen

and as we are nudged by God and do those
the simple things of paying attention and


He often brings us to a step of investment
A step of faith

Here in this case the king said to me “what
is it that you want?”

Nehemiah sitting there thinking “okay what
am I going to do now?” he says “I prayed

to the God of heaven” that was for some insight
about what to say

That’s so we often where we end up when we are in his predicament
with God and he’s brought someone into our path

He put something in front of us

There’s actually

a series of things that happens in that moment

they are a series of requests

I don’t know if you ever thought of it like that but
the step of faith is actually often

a request for involvement

The first thing that Nehemiah did was he asked
to be sent

If you are pleased with me your servant send

me to Judah

to rebuild the city

“King I’m in…

and who is with me?”

that’s often

the first step

to a life of faith and I know this very

I’ve made a few of those kinds of statements
in my life I did a lot of it in college when

I was very idealistic

and God took me up on it

I said God here am I send me

I’ll even be a missionary if you want even
though I’m an engineer and I’m on a path going this way I’ll

do what you want Lord

and lo and behold He took me up on it

now some people thought that wasn’t a great idea
at the time

but I did it

and I know for pretty much a fact that I would
not be standing right here today

talking to you

if I had not done that

I would probably be

an engineer

or unemployed

but I’m here… which is good

God takes is up on those things and it’s not
just the big things like that

but it’s everyday

decisions like that

God here I am

eating my breakfast

there’s a day before me

there’s a month before me there’s a year before

Lord I want to be sent

I want to be your person

who are you bringing into my path today?

Who are you bringing into my mind today?

Where I can be Your person created for
good works which You prepared for me to do?

Lord I want to be part of the solution

Lord I’m in

And who is with me?

“who is with me?” is also very important part
of this and that is B asking for involvement

you look at the story I’ve put a note here
don’t limit it to Christians only

It says if it pleases the king let me have letters
to give to the governors about what we’re doing

let me have timber

why not send along some army officers and
horsemen to protect me as well

Now this is the king giving him this

and one of the most amazing things about
a life of faith and when God is actually

starting to do

personal miracles is that others who are bystanders
often get involved

and are amazed

at the power of God

that’s how God works actually to draw people
to Himself

Is when a few people have faith

and draw others in inviting them in to the
work of God

I know this firsthand

on a number of occasions but one of the most
profound ones for me it was actually when

I was that missionary overseas in Albania

after doing being called and going
for it

I was at a predicament in that

uh there was no church

there was no work going on in Albania
where I was

I mean there was a church but
there was a lot of places without churches

and we decided to go into another town
and see if we could start something

and I was bringing in a team of foreigners

Americans English people Germans

to come for a week and

and I didn’t have anybody to translate for them

which is little bit of a problem

so I was here in a strange town that I’d never
been to before and I decided I would go into

the high school

and talk to the English department and see
if I could find some English translators

so I went and did that and I asked

I basically said “who is with me” and I asked

just anybody that I could find to be English

those students came with us for an entire week
over the course of that week and most of them became


that was the beginning of a church

Fascinating how that all happened in fact

as we began that that time together and they
were helping us they kept inviting their friends

to come and meet with us and I decided well
we’ll open up our morning time where we do

praise and singing… we’ll just open it
to anybody

it could have just been the team but
we opened it to anybody so more and more people

kept coming every morning

pretty soon we had twenty five thirty people
in a room every morning they weren’t believers

they were just friends of these English

and that began the hub of all that we started
in fact

during that week we moved to a rented building

it eventually was purchased

and became into the ministry center for our mission

that was the

the story of what happened out of
just involving others

in a little bit of faith

and so asking for involvement is also important

Thinking about life here in Sequim

when one or two people get an idea and draw
others in and say “hey let’s go meet a need

Somewhere let’s go help a family”

Let’s invite some Basqu students over
for the summer

and what you know what happened even the
last few years was over a hundred people

from a number of churches involved in

in helping sponsor students to come over in
the summer months just that the seeds of that

were a few people with faith

and the desire to involve others

that’s also part of this

and then thirdly asking that deeper question

that comes to mind

about the need

I have a unique privilege and Scott and others
on staff as well

and that we’re working on stuff all week long
our offices and people come in


and you switchgears

You turn and you focus and something comes
up in the midst of that conversation

now time and again I have

been trying to train myself

to stop and pause

and part of drawing out the needs

is to look a little bit deeper And here’s where
faith comes in

Sometimes God will give it an insight


a person’s situation perhaps an idea
asking about their family or asking

about something else

That will open up a door

that will show that

that God has

has put me in their life at that moment


I want you to be aware that He does that

and when He brings someone to your attention
when He brings an interruption into your life

and your before

that person

and you realize that God wants you to invest
that God wants you to take a step of faith

and be part of their

Solution He may also have

an insight for you to bring

Perhaps a word of wisdom

Perhaps a question

I want you to be aware of that and to respond
to that

and what you do with that is waiting
on God trusting him to lead you to give you

the right words to say

to search for those emotional obstacles that
people might have a belief that they have

that are limiting

and to say that word

and that’s a risk that’s why I put it down
here as a risk because you might be wrong

You might be completely off base

but all

part of taking the nudges of God and responding
is to respond when God leads you

Giving God time to act

bringing Him into the situation

Now the third thing

as part of this life of faith

I think is one that’s forgotten the most

but is actually one of the most important
parts of this process

Of response

of asking questions

of investing and stepping out in faith

and that is acknowledging

what God has done


what God has done

How often have we seen provisions

how often have we seen

a situation where we did not see a solution

and then later see the solution come about

How often have we seen family members reconcile
or forgiveness happen

and in the moment you may have been praying

you may be looking to God but as soon as it
happens you forget

you forgot

and all of a sudden it’s attributed the coincidence

well that was nice that I got that job

Oh it’s nice that I actually have enough
money now

Oh it’s great that they that they have
reconciled and yet God never gets the credit

It happens all the time

Nehemiah never let that happen

He didn’t go off with all the army officials
and with all the help of all the resources

build a wall and then say oh well that was
great that we did that thing

He directly attributed it to God

He says “the king granted my request
because the gracious hand

of God was on me” I know where this came from

it came from God

in fact


He wrote a little account of all that had happened

and waltzed back to the king years later

presented him with the account

here it is king

God was gracious and granted our requests
you were part of it and here it is in thirteen


The Book of Nehemiah

presented back to the king and what did that

it drew in

the king and queen


into the work of God

and reminded them that God had been at work

So an important part a crucial part of all
this process is

as God is using you in the lives of others
in the coming months

as you’re responding to those nudges as you’re
saying those words as you’re praying those

prayers with people

Remind them that this is not a coincidence

this is a God moment

this is a divine encounter

this is God caring for you


especially if God gives you an insight

and their face lights up “How you know that?”

Especially if you pray for them and they
are healed

Especially if there’s a provision needed and
God provides

it’s not coincidence folks

it’s God

because of the gracious God because of the
gracious hand of God

So remind them

let’s thank God for what he did

Don’t you see what God did?

Take them to that place

it’s an important place

I know I can count on my hands Thankfully I can do
It on two at this point of my life

of the times in my life

where God intervened in my life through other

through someone who probably shouldn’t have been
there or wouldn’t have known

but God brought them right there at that time
in that place to pray for me to speak a word

to provide

He showed his personal love for me

Through somebody else

and He wants to do that through us

this year in the lives of many people

He wants us to expect

a miracle

And He’ll do it So lets pray

Lord you are good

and you are faithful

as this verse says in Isaiah fifty eight you
guide us continually

giving water when we’re dry and restoring our strength

you make us like well

watered gardens

like ever flowing springs

and as a result of that we become rebuilders
of walls

and restorers of homes

Lord you want

to work in our lives and you want to work
in us

and through us

God you want to do everyday personal miracles
Through us if we will respond to you

so Lord help us

in that process

Lord first of all to respond to you

awaken us when you nudge us when you bring things
to our attention

help us to pay attention to the things that
are going on around us each and every day

to slow down

and to ask those questions

to draw people out

and when it comes to the point where we
know we need to invest

and it’s uncomfortable

and there is a faith step God help us to have the
faith to do that

to walk through

that door

and into a life

that needs you

Lord work through us work in us

and as a result bring glory to yourself

in Jesus name Amen

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#Expect #Miracle #God

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