Erectile Dysfunction — There Is A Much Bigger Problem Than Just Your Erections

If you know as fact that the most amazing woman in the world might walk into your own bedroom nude tonight, thinking sexy thoughts, and there’s not really a single thing you can do about it then there is a health problem to resolve. That will hurt a lot to be ineffective as a man. Obviously, you could take the drugs that we all see on all the advertisements on TV. We all know the ones I mean.

The handsome man with the somewhat graying hair, the stunning super model following, gazing in to his eyes, all set for action. All he has to perform is pop the little blue tablet and they carry on happily forever.

What they do not want to tell any person with the advertisements is that you have got to prepare yourself for this with at least one hour or there will still be no action. And nor will they tell you the actual cause of the issue. They are just interested in promoting their drugs to you — medicines that will create significant tension for your heart whilst they send extra blood penis to make it hard.

They don’t tell you how these drugs are just temporary fixes in order to mask the real difficulties. Nor that once the small blue pills effect has worn off by the early morning, you’re still the same guy who cannot get an erection at will.

Indeed there are many unwanted effects including blurred eyesight, anxiety, painful urination, diarrhea, ringing in the ears, loss of sight, hearing loss, as well as heart problems.

Sure it’s about nevertheless feeling like a real man. But more than that, you can be sure of related health issues that should not be ignored. Almost certainly the actual heart of the issue is not the mechanics of your manhood — or your psychology. Rather it will be your own testosterone level which has dropped. The reduced hormones are at the root of the problem. And most likely this testosterone deficiency will be causing other symptoms that also need attention.

Fixing erectile dysfunction is not only about solving the problem with your erections. There is a lot more going on than simply your penis disappointments. Sure it’s imperative that you overcome the issue for reasons of your confidence and self-esteem. However, open your mind to the probability of other medical issues impacting on your entire body as well.

The thing is that it is a lot wiser to solve your testosterone issues than it is to take a quick-fix measure to attain erections. Listen fully to what your body is actually telling you. Deal with the cause, not only one of the symptoms.

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