Day of All True Things (English) part I

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Celebrations for the 50th Day of All True Things and 58th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC

(Very Unofficial Typed Notes Of Live Broadcast by Air. Culvy)

50 th Day of All Things & 8th Holy Spirit Association Anniversary Begins:

‘The Escape of Glory’ A Song offered to TPs

TYVM HD of Father’s Speech (Dr. Seuk) Selected a portin of many speeches in the past and Mr .Peter Kim will read … As you all know today is the 50th Anniv of DAThings also th HSA 58th Anniv & cele these 2 historical Events today … 2 speeches relating to these two events. Even tho MC said from past Dof All Things , TF gave direction to educ ev by the Speeches F read this morning ..

50th Anniv 1963 1st time this speech was held ‘Let us Inherit the Historical Heart of God’ Father before crea the univ he had an Ideal ShimJung & in order to realize it acted upon it .. new heaven and earth upon this land … on that foundation F erected & started His Blessing from there … which included Fs Entire SJ and realized it would have been the world of full rea of SJ … F wanted to crea His base /found of Family which is basis for human welfare … but because of fall , our painful days started and have lost value … God & all things waiting for the day this world was to be reclaimed by God … Throughout this day of restoration G has been living … G is infinite Love & never gave up on lost children… So the sorrowfull history have been ended and death is ripening and sinful line is now crossing & God is going through this day tested by the enemy satan and G has been protecting humanity and walking Path of Tears, Responsibility & went thru that Path & pioneered that path of death We need never forget sorrowful history & path G had to take … No matter how hard our own lives, we need to not say such things when faced with the sorry and pain of G … Nothing can compare to losing Gs children, humanity … & nothing can compare to losing Parents & historical pain of all history … pain of G … and G has been searching for what is Rightfully Gs … and ev we have is purchased by Gs Blood, Tears & Sweat … If we forget we will be inundated by this fallen world … When we look left & right we have our parents, chil & siblings … we need to walk this path together… do our resp in reclaiming & restoring them & walking a very painful path as well… when we walk it we need not just swallow the pain but have a mindset in order to liberate G from His Pain … only then we will be able to ‘stand’ in Heaven … Today is a Day of Tears and our Position is one of Pain & Tears … Peop may think that having physical things are a Blessing but true Blessing is in the Position of Gs Love & we need to try to cherish & protect it so that we may then inherit Gs Sorrowful Heart of God … That is our position … Now all things are created by HF and we need commit ourselves to reclaiming them … remember our postion & the purpose of HeAVEN’s Prov & we must reclaim the Ideal World before the fall. that G wanted to last for eternity .. Thru the TF ..made by such peop HF will have Dominion over all things that G crea … We need learn to help TPs and become one in unity to lib G from His Sorrowful Heart … Only then will our G be able to sit on the Thrown of Sovereignty in The Heaven He Created. In this H we will return all things in the univ that are under dominion of HF … Today is the day we realize such resp … We have this Heav to restore. We must restore & return it to HF so that One Nation Under God will be realized … We need to set that found in an conditional form to crea & est this DofAThings … & then that nation will finally become one nation under God. God crea all things with human beings as the owner to fulfill His Ideal thru human beings but the fall & painful history started … Then G could not have his own nation & land; and, G has been finding His peop for the Foundation to set His Original Homeland. What have we been proclaiming to the world? Blessing … What is sin ? Embezzling public property/funds. We need such strictness not to misuse public things. When all thing have infinite value, & we human beings use that for infinite things to flourish, this foundation can advance from fam, nation world & universe . Today we need set the standard of treating our neighbors & friends fr the Position of G with the H of G. Since th SJ of G is public, if you invade or misuse the SJ of G it will invade & repeat the fall of ancestors … You are position to embody such SH of G & treat all things in the universe with the SJ of G. From this day please truly realize the sorrowfull Heart of G and what things Gs Heart Wants … Upon this foundation all things in the universe will be restored to G … From the position of G we must Bless all things & inherit them. We need to settle as the true sons & daughters of HF … We need to set this foundation in one generation … If you fail to do so, your ancestors in sw will not be able to hold their heads up for shame … As this promise has already been made to TF, we must carry it out with all our hearts.. Then, all things in the univ will be Blessed. So we must pledge again and TF makes the Benediction and we need realize this. TF also bestowed us with this special poem that He had written … Lyrics of a Song .. Father read this alone but we together

Let us praise thei deal of HF crea & reset the glorious found & holy H & E start from that Found and see the sons & daughter & see the family , G crea the univ however human beings fell & now that the humanity fell the history of Gs Sorrowful Heart started and the 6,000 yrs of hist to reclaim that Son , G shed so many Tears to Restore the Glorious Ideal World with sons & daugh as true owners of all things … Let us return Joy to HF Who allowed us to become owners again & return Joy to TPs Please accept this Heaven & children & all things of Goodness …

1963 F wrote that Song


The Assoc was est 59 yrs ago, however, during this yrs ev anniv there is one speech we’ve been reading; but 8 yrs ago on this day TF commemorated the 50th

God’s Homeland And The Kingdom of Peace Is on the Found of Lib & Released … and F proclaimed new direction of our Prov. Respected Guests L&G 50 yrs ago today we est the HSA of WC but today from 190 nations & we have been rapidly dev only in 50 yrs which is Gs miracle however in the past few yrs I’ve been teaching Heaven & with the heart of summarizing such teachings , this speech .. Emphasizing throughout my life, we must know th existence of G & sw through our heart, not brain. Please put your hand on your chest & think Do you really know G exists & if really so, what prob in the world cannot be solved … I proclaim to you with finality that G exists & is the Parent. All have minds, but who knows where this energy is, like Gs Energy , Abs Unch Eternal but we cannot see Him even in the sw … As He exists in real form, G has no obstace in going thru this universe & when He penetrates your body, you would not feel it even stepping on your head & G could look through your life through your eyes to live your life … Even today you cannot see the air going in & out of your body. How can we see G working thru us .. Some make some stupid claim to see Him then believer. Have you seen life, lineage, conscience. We know their existence by our hearts .. We cannot say that we cannot see or feel G … When G comes into our mind , we feel and know that phenomenon. We cannot measure eternity with our comfortable time, yet it exists … shrouded with mysteries & a vast space. The time it takes for light to travel in one light yar… It takes 2 hundred million yers. to reach the end of the universe … G is not bound by the concept of time & space , so He can be there in an instant . As our mind is the place where Gs Heart resides, with that kind of Heart we can have a world of happiness … If the world did not fall the world would accept living a life with humanity serving G. However, humanity is woeful by the fall and does not know the existence of G. If A & E Who resembled G did not fall, then thru them all humanity would have know G and the question of His existence would not have come up .. G would have been the Center of our lives. We must know Gs Existence through embodying G in our heart & know in ev instance were we must go and what we must do … living a life without sin and perfecting ourselves. Then knowing Gs existence is the most imp thing in our lives. First we are created in the womb of our mothers. In the womb can we say that our life is this or that. Baby cannot imagine life outside of the womb , but all are born and come into this life. In this 10 mths as a fetus move to be 100 yrs in phys w, then to the sp w which last an eternity. This s ww cannot be imagined by humanity in the phys w. When we are fetus we accept nutrition & energy from our Mother, but in the s w , we only need the Love of G for our existence. Thru this we live. This is not the kind of life we choose, but the Blessing G has poured on humanity. When we say we must know the sw , we must inherit it & know this phys world as a preparation for it. If we sin in our phys life without knowing the Heart of G, we’ll have to indemnity all the sin we’ve caused in the phys life. Those sins do not disappear but saved in a super computer called our spirits, evaluating what kind of phys life we lived. We need ask ourselves in our phys life if we are going in the right direction. All the saints left this world leaving historical guidance of their teachings, they still did not teach us completely. Where I go before the audiences I ask ‘Please raise your hand if your body & mind is not intrinsic’ Our humanity are still fighting amongst themselves. HBs keep living such life which is in conflict. Now RM TP of HKind have brought the teachings of Heaven & the number of peop who say they must follow the teaching of RM is increasing & He is being served as TPs of H … These messages are being given to the sw as well & receiving the benefit & will all follow RM … The Day will come soon & all will gather like clouds to learn this way of life to become TPs Family & Lineage. Al l the Kings proclaimed their belief in TPs and asked forgiveness from TPs. Peop who doubt the existence of G, doubt it ; but I dare them to die and go to the sw & see for themselves if these things are true of false. We must realize that 10, 000 thousand of eyes are watching us to see what kind of life we are living . When we follow the law of the universe, our life is like dropping on the highway. The driver can reach the destination if he does not break any law which is like us … We can go very fast if don’t break a law … God has not hidden these theachings but has put it in our conscience … to know what is right even before anything else … Do you know how much advice your conscience has been giving witout it getting tired, it continues; but, you have been betraying your conscience’s guide. Peop follow this physical body which has been ignoring the Voice of Conscience. RM teaches to take control of your own life before your take control of the whole universe. Only when we live for the sake of others, our mind & body can truly unite, & when we try to do something, our conscience will give solution. Such people will unite with G & create the world of the Ideal of Creation. More than 80 years I’ve been walking this path, & teaching the Ideal to Humanity. If in Gs Heart there was no Heart of TL & Sacrifice all would not have been possible in restoration. Such has been Gs sorrowful Heart. Even though, peop say that even if G is alive, G is dead ; and, all of humanity has waited for the day that they realize the Heart of G. Even though G is capable of erasing ev & starting over, because of Gs H He endured sufferings & humiliation in order to start true Ideal Crea. We need not close our eyes to Gs Sorrowful Heart . TPs. had to send their four Children to the sw; and, that has been TP Life Course .. in the Position of Saviours to liberate G first and then human beings. More than 80 yrs, they have walked this Path of Prov. Even when F was tortured, He did not pray to be saved but to give ev over to Heaven. That has been the Painful & Lonely Life Course of TPs. However, many hardships & difficulties that all the world could throw at TPs could not stop Them. —all hardships & tribulations possible could not stop Them. When I was in the incarceration I saw at the water drop on the ceiling with the thought that some day it would make a hole in the stonoe floor … I prayed that God would wash off the world with My Tears … and all the Blood Sweat & Tears are now bearing fruit.. This is the Day that has been prophesized by many prophets in the past. (applause) Peop are following TPs , The King of all Kings, to become part of creating this Ideal World. Not only in the Korean Peninsual, peop all of the world realizing that without the Teachings of RM the peaceful world cannot be realized. Now, on this Day , we have finished all the foundations needed for G to reign Directly over this world. Today is a special day, The 50 th … Even, this is a short speech, first , learn the exist of G w your flesh & blood & know the phys world as a prep for the sw. Please live Guided by your Conscience; and, if you do, you will become the peop of the Ideal world. As our number of BCF increase, our ideal world will expand more & more. So, please join this force to create the Ideal World & become the peop who will revolutionize this world to Gs Original Ideal.

Following now is Fs Prayer : Let us close our eyes & pray along 1963 Prayer:

As we are faced with this glorious Blessing we realize that all these are gifts from you HF … Please accept our hearts as we sincerely try to know Your Pain & Sorrow; and, as we have received our spouse & children thru Your Blessing, please accept all of them. We have been following Your Course in order to restore your peop your land & Sovereignty & in following this direction, even tho we fall short we have been trying very hard to follow Your Direction. Even we have a lot of time before the actual realization, one Day it will be realize. As we will be standing firmly on this foundation, please accept our efforts. As we are trying to return all the foundation, even we are weak & limited , please let this not be what satan can invade : and please may we not make the mistakes that Israelites &Moses made. Next year, we will offer this Day as The Day of All Things …

Father Speaks

No other words are needed. That’s the only thing that is needed … The key to ev. G as F hasto reign over this nation … We have to know & serve our HF & follow our HF AJU

So, this boy Moon Young Myung has become Moon Sun Myung .. Know these 3 letters in the name The flowers & living scent of Love is sown again in the earth in order to fourish Don’t forget as fruit of the Blessings become the true Father & Owner & become King of all Kings in the Land of this earth. Thru the textbooks & teaching materials for 12 yrs ago this day, and the Words of HF in order to realize a dreamlike Goal , HF has been realizin that Dream and HF is also the Owner Representing The Mother and He is the Root of this Providence. And upon this foundation which HF has crea we must become the substantial body of His Words & accept that as our own Dream and become the generation when this Dream starts; and we have to let this foundation remain & be inherited to our offspring. Please know the path that you have to walk. These words of Truth that give Life to the Heaven and earth was treated badly by peop; but These Words are infinite & will blossom like flowers, yellow flowers have blossomed in the spring .. Even tho TPs are treated so badly in the past, & the azalea flower following the seasons in order to become the axis, vertical, The fruits of the azelea flower … it is the seed of counseling & relation & please become F & M & bro & sis of eternity, the eternal sons & daughters of mine … following the found which we have created & its recreation… and your sons & daughters are the third fruits OT NT & HOly Testament… The Fourth dimension without hesitating the F eggs & M get together & explode & go beyond it to the world , love & life just like air that they breath like the heat of the sun, like Baektu Mts… Do your know the name of the peak? There is a very spiritual peak & a stone that moves back & forth & that rock has been trying so hard not to fall off the peak for tens/thousands of years & then this MSM comes out & in becoming MS M He has devoured the dragon & then He drank from that water pouch & ancestors of water, ancestors of air & ancestors of love that flow for eternity, and this tour which has been built with that kind of Dreams are now here. Centered upon the Fs Dream M inherits it & with the Hopes of Mother & continuing form that the Fruits of that Dream come. In order to hold on to F, The Creator has been working very hard, but this fact was flipped upsidedown. Until He became MSM He was among dark clouds, Even though all these clouds have disappeard , the tour that has thousands of floors … (Do you know the top of the Himalayan Mts, top of the Mt. Baektu, the deepest place in the oceans, you have to know, The heaviest place in the universe is created & earth all the crea of the universe where is this creation/culmination Is it NY, Washing ton sounds like washing the stones and all the stones that are buried in the ground, They become the flowers & lighthouse which sheds light. And what is it that tried to devour/kill MSM the HookSokDong … This HookSokDong is not in Heaven or hell. It is in Korea, boundarying the Han River overlooking this land of HongNam. RM has been trying to create it from black stone to white stone. (Sound of translation went) And when we say Jesus in Korean Ye Su if change to su ye It is the embroidery that your make a drawing on a piece of cloth. All these have disappeared. The last peop that follow the Light that comes from Lighthouse to reach Gs Sovereinty, where is that land That is Hansong, however, they have lost everything; and on that Lighthouse which sheds lights to the world up on the Baektu Mt., what is that place called? It is Baektu Mt… Among many mountains it stands out like an old man with white hair on top. Say Maekko Say Maekko. Even though the satanic world tried to eradicate HF & TPs, we must restore the parts of our bodies from organ to organ. The conclusion of the humanity, who are the peop who know the principle of east south north west? Who are the peop of sorrowful heart who now live all over the world. When you look at Chiness character ‘han’ which translates into sorrowful heart; and that Chinese character is as if telling us to find the nature, the water way, to find watering the air. Even G of Night & G of Day were separated and upon this separation & division, conflicts have arisen. On the top of Baektu Mt there is one peak that divides into two; and this tree bears fruits chaja nim the chajak means the queen or the king … So my HakJa … Mother is the person who gives birth the the F & even though they cannot live together or bear children & that is the philosophy of our Mother Han Hak Ja. And the Mother Che in order to kill me with thirteen peop of Her relatives, came to me & they want to receive the divorce from me; however, they all disappeared in the end. And the enemy of the man was not another man; however, a woman. Even the Creator Who Created all things in the universe cannot be given life without the womb of a Mother. So, Who did Eve ride? Eve flipped upsidedown this found where the Ideal World would have been upon; and Hootang ee the cury place ??? ***SooTang ee the ____place … Adam & Eve were created through God & Whom, Who was it as part of G. Adam can be born verticall , perpendicularly … He was not a single son, but ason & daugh … as such it can rotate 180 degrees & put upside down, just like a wheel rotates 180 degrees & whether it is large or small it could be immediately replaced at any time … There was not God The Mother. That is why we have to find Her. Without the Tradition without the Principle & without money … it was not somethin that can be learned without all these these … I cannot create a Mother without following her maybe a brother or father but not a Mother. If your look at my notebook handbook, it says Oct 12, 2011 Is She on my left arm or right arm .. I try to grab her left arm but there is nothing to grab.. Even if you have a thumb, without it you cannot grasp anything. The war or smell of war starts from the left side, so bring my book, I have to teach you. Quickly! My right hand is getting heavy. It is coming down. Why should my body descend It can grasp it with the right hand and lift it like this and left hand can become a supporting object; but it is the right hand that can lift object. Why called ‘right’ hand; Chun Jun Don jon say that…. It is your right rather than your left that is ‘right’.. By placing your hand in this way, this can create a branch. Women will have four fingers … There is something that should be hidden in these hands and if your represent it this way, it is north south east & west … and like an antenna it can count 1,2,3,4,5 & if your do it like this 6 … When yo turn it this way it becomes 5 Communism is usually refered to as left wing and we have 3, 8 , 7 or is it 3, 8 , 6? What is the UClan? It refers to brothers, neighbors … Is board 1,2,4 or 100 When your say neighborhood is it my or your or is it grandfather or grandmother … If you hold it this way your land or heaven will rise. You should say it louder . What is this? This contains the history of the Moon Clan .. It is the Central History of its ancestors .. What is the name of UC Is it absolute faith love or is it absolute owner. Believe & you have arelationship … The word relationship is always there. It starts from one core. It is from there that it branches out. Otherwise, there will be 10 route. There should only be one root. If you say earth & heaven , cannot find your center … so we say Heaven & Earth … There is only one position one seat of coronation. On the opposite side at the end of your finger, it can stand on the end of your finger. The Core can be large. Our ancestors understood that there was a wide plain aroundthem. They do not know about the ocean or the mountains. What is the Center? It is the earth. ttang When you say ttang which means earth, you can pronounce it as dung ttang … It either becomes a center or a smaller being. 2 goes to 3 and it comes down to the center. It goes around this way & that way and decide to go this way go down that way this way three or four times then it can go in 8 directions. So where is north, south, east & west .? Where is the center of the 5 great oceans of this world. What is amazing is that I know the 5 great oceans.. When my younger brother came to me & called me younger brother? My Mother & Father & all these relatives are dead this relative sometime in Feb when I was 17, 18 … Maybe Feb. so if it was here at the Center he may go down , choose to go to the east or to the west; but, there will for sure be a Center which can go & seek east or south & then maybe another 3 or 4 times look to where the sun rises. I am teaching you. What is the Center? I am not the center. Do you have father & mother, I said I do and we went to the house & there were many peop from north, south, east & west. The Chinese characters it become smaller like this . two light strokes upwards. If you have a brush you can press it but for brothers you draw it like this at a 90 degree angles .. so you bring it in the same direction & make 1,2,4578 circlues but if you go … you will be a dead end … Count the segments of your hands to 11 but if you want to return you have to start again … What happens to seven … you can bring it there to make it seven , Should it be here … this center may be smalle but when it can continue to expand in size until the 11 point and then from there it should return. So, from the high point is 10 Then you can count 1,2,3 .. If you unders this then you can unders the significance it goes up & down then to four , five six seven & start here again one two such things here if you move it in this way none of it can exist. All you would have is ridges , so how can it grow in size … It can go up here and then go down … What is it that can make it go up.? It is the # 13.. so we talk about 13.. In marries 12 & then 13 to 14 to 15 .. If you do 12 you can go more … but it can expand to 13 & 14; but at 11 you have to decline so you have to move to 12 & then you can go to 15 … You can count here 1,2,3 This segmnt (across high palm) the biggest finger meets with the pinky like this & is connected to 4 &5 but if you grasp it like this it is … on the fourth knot even if you do it , it cannot come together. It is a free pinky… What about the origin is it a right son or it is four or five … Even if I go up & rise , it can fall this way & that way … then what is it of use ? But if you go in this way the two can cross paths here … It hasto be a place where 2 can come together If you go for 3 , you have to go for 5 & 6 & 7 & if you go for lips? Young Jong Shik That is why that is his name & brother Yeong Jin Han is brother Jin Han … He really appeared . Heon in Chinese character refers to th younger brother. Does the younger brother become the philosopher or the older brother. You need to find the right timing, Where does the right or left touch your clothes when you walk … You right & left hand will be turned upsidedown & will break the order. It has to be a square … Even if this part goes like this or like this, they woud all have th same length. In my pocket , I always have a handkerchief.. What are you going to do? with this? The younger brother has a runny nose, are you going to wipe the nose of the younger brother or you can also wipe the nose of the older brother. What is this? There is a phrase using the handkerchief. In Koreas you say that. F opens it all up and puts it over His Face… by doing this, this side is open. The higher place is concealed & the lower part of My Face is here. This is My Nose. Is this longer or is this longer? This side is straight & tighter than this side. It may fall down; but this side is longer. Right here it becomes like a plain. That is why you can use or wear this handkerchief .. If you wear it like this, what happens. You would be a crazy person would you not. This is the only one that can become a handkerchief It conceals the tops or the summit .. Is it concealed or not. If you do this, it has to be next to the bellybutton … The bellybutton is hidden.. So please think about this. What do women have. Why is the man’s sexual organ…. The woman’s sexual organ is shorter than the man’s; that is why it has to be inside & be hidden.. The right & the left hand . When you talk about top & bottom it indicates the direction. East & West is long & north & south is shorter. It is right about in the middle This is a bit longer. This side is shorter East & west is longer , north sourth is shorter. So, what happens? Would your face be shortened or not .. If you look at your nose & the other parts of your face … The Bone is at the center & this part looks elongated. The back part is not that short. Once you become old , you become like an old lady.. The old man must protect the old lady. The grandfather must support the grandmother. If you go to your home , you should be able to support your parents. People did not know these Principles … lef & right is different north & south is different. Which is higher the men’s or the women’s. Men are usually taller than the women , right. The positin of the belly button, men is higher , larger. Why are women short? Women! Why are you shorter than men? If it is larger than the lid, then it will be overturned. Even if it is place, it wil l not be overturned because it is shallow; but men are larger. So, is it the women who receives the man or man who receives the woman? Say poolie (testacles) Do men have them or women? Can men’s testacles go this way & that way? If there is a lot of hot the testicles will move around depending on the temperature, they move as they want; but, they move it upon the women’s. If you open your mouth too wide it can be ripped apart. If you aim for the belly button, 200 & 200 is 400. 200 & 300 do not match. If you put your feet & stand in the water then you would not drowned; but, if your touch the water you would drowned. Peop are not aware of that or peop know that? Cows have rings on their noses. In the past many Koreans bunched their hair on their head & if you remove that , what happens? Your hair drapes over your eyes not to be able tosee. All the directions will be different 460 degrees . All this may sound useless but this is all important. Is it better to be larger, the same or smaller which is best. Which would you choose. The same. Or you may be a person who would like to be longer, or larger. We say neighbors & cousins & all the peop in n s e w can be like your siblings … If you stand before & behind you can be like b & s connected by blood. If you are higher, then you should grab it & then raise them up .. You first harmonize & then unify or vice versa. What about your two eyes, if they cannot harmonize & unite then they become like enemies . They do not have an opponent. And it’s as if they are blind . We need to know such Principles. The basic scientific concepts of what RM is saying is based on that principle. Raise you hand. If you raise your hand and you raise it like this & you have this angle, it is comparable to a 35 degree angles … F drinks And peop who can do this , which way they want to sit morning & night in dinner … When I tell you to sit still even without your knowing your body moves like this to east & west … Do you know the 4 directions. If you take a few steps up you can go above like this . By this we have to live for the sake of others so that you serve others & will be then served by the word and your will not disappear .. Is Gak Won Temple or oppsite. Why do you say south & north instead of north & south. We say nam nam buknam meaning women are better in the south & women in the north & m wonsong & chimnam po deep valleys there nampo, their valleys go like this .. this triangle position & the waiste is supposed to meet the belly button .. Only when you know this, then you shall unders why you should like this kind of things. So, when F is sitting here; and you are sitting in front of F, but it is not like that it is 90 18 120 130 175 degrees and then the beginning point comes from here sunha means above or below. chun oo cha oo after fall instead of sunha it is boocha we say right should be ooja but where the right side is supposed to be the left is there & the women is missing & it’s burned … If you draw lines, that point that is there is plus & minus & what was more & deeper, centering on all that, … and th lesser becomes the south and the more becomes the north & east & west is also the same & all these valleys & ups & downs, so many in Busan & Baekja Province but in Baekju Mt they don’t have that many … In UC do we have more peop from North or East Province (Congla?) Many from plains & fields Province .. If you make your hand curved back ward .. On RM Hand there is no angle it is drawing a circle here . I can do this but you cannot your right hand does not move. As it bends it cannot move.

So shall I sing a song or do your want to sing along too

Po song no Wang wa rul opaaa he

Olup so Sung jong je sun yeon ev is clapping along .

cop jok dahl song se

F has grandson now … He starts clapping … What was the song that involves grandma

Che gap son Chul gap son the Chul gap mountain ? The sister who is supposed to be older but is younger than her seven younger sons , then is younger brothers fight they are kicked out of the house & if you don’t sing this right you get dragged by another counntry … I like sitting on my Grandfathers lap .. I like Daddy Daddy is nice You touch Fs skinn & Fs skin is nice & you should give F a kiss & that is right. .. Grandson is Woman & man is holding hands & they come closer & kiss but if the right hand and the right hand try to come together they cannot meet for eternity … Clap agains F did a good job… clap again … older grandson said Let’s go fish together. We made this fishing place that we like in front of the ChunJongGung … When F is sleeping he kicks F and if not he cries & sleeps after crying …

The grandchildren ar ancy …

Why don’t we sing about the bright moon up on the heaven where eterbek lives … In front of the odong tree … All relatives … Where is Sonungche Songyoungche … Songyeong suk did he show you around . Did he say your are better than him or not .. east is better than west … Moon Yongyong can look at the documents … The dragon lives in the air .. The snake in the water withou poison , we call the screw snake it becomes bigger or smaller depending on th environment. My older brother, because he is smaller two of my older brothers who didn’t listen to me … All who liked me they died first and all my relatives who hated me , they all lived .. In the sw the relatives who liked me are not better off than the peop who hated me, & the peop who hated me are doctors serving like slaves of the peop who like RM .. Moon yeon Myung when He became Sun Myung Moon & if there is something I like there is something you hate. And when F sings a famous song, F can do that well. Dae Sarong Ee Ya Rang Chee Oh Hanna Nim It is as if conquering Gs Thrown (explaining words of the song) Sarang And we can do it until th 7th or 8th rhythm but from 9th we start losing it … And who gave me this … Who put this here … This is like the secret box … like in planes, it has all the info of the plane , altitude speed & change of speed on its path , the graff goes up & down like this . The theory has to coincide like the Principle .. What RM said when He was young fits the Principle, even tho some was unbelievable , it was correct by The Principle … & we should not ignore our children because they will one day become the future/teachers? Why they kick their parents while they are sleeping … We have this UC and all these strange & questionable peop come from the UC & we play a drum & when we go up & down the mt they go back & forth & if we do this for 7 or more years … they become the grandfather & mother & when your have children yourself they are all the mongchin in a special bug .. & the RM ev thought was a stupid bug , He has now matched & has become the King of their village .. The TPs Volume 1 & 2 stand up if you have the two Volumes .. F is looking very intently … How did you come into possession of these books, did you steel them .. Volume 1 & 2 if you have 3, please sit down A lot of you have Vol 3 .. and if you have this picture , please stand up .. You get this from having the third volume . There are so many of my allies in the world … It has been less than 30 or 40 years and this is what happens & you put it in your wallet upside down & this becomes the grandfather & mother with crowns & here this stands & come to me proudly if you have something to say … and what is this One Will, The Will of Heaven? The Will of One is to create Two. That is the man’s responsibilit to create two. YongChongShik Come up here. So when you come up front should you just extend your hands or bow three times to represent OT NT & CT … So on your feet , your but goes upside down. Do you know how to greet, are your here because your like F or like to run the funeral when F dies. Do you have a present? I am grandfather of 4 generations There is no one who will go to Heaven. No one is Blessed … Did Confuscious get Blessed? No. Mohammed? No. They went to the sw . When you come to your Parents to congratulate on a certain event. You come bearing a gift instead of coming to receive something .. So why don’t you sing a song .. A song of Liberation. Famous person If you sing well , I’ll give your a prize … Rev. Yong … Talgo enun ge Se go no nenuga Sa kwol olchage keehe nun chun Cha so yemu cha e ne Ev together Che dul do chee mul cha nun chee bul chang chol sa na ye na o chang ee he hee … Chee gun mun hagu n Che gul mun olun F is commanding words to sing I think … Mo happa na shi now stops Rev. Yong It says King Father ‘I want to go fishing’ And so you don’t have the authority to make someone sing … D you have the authority of F M uncle no you don’t have any that authority so that is why you disappear to the scene behind … Calling another to sing … She is coming Why don’t you come here with ShinJin & sing a song … Where is ShinIm’s Mother Please sing together … Yeon A Choi Ha ha ha oh hal mi ko Hyo JN’ s children … Shall I throw this away & go or shall I go with you ? Are you here to celebrate this Day of Parents Children & all things or receive to be congratulated … Are you here with your lunch & dinner. Why because you want to be served. What kind of guests come here to be served. That doesn’t fit the Principle. Rev. M gets kicked out of hell because even in hell he said the Principled things. The MRA The Head of that Org is teaching RM MRA in Las Vegas is the Teaching Center in LV That is very good. Now grandchildren .. Where is ShinJin .. Shin Jin has to be with you. So even though you are younger Shin Jin you have to lead them . ShinJin is on the left of them … F likes it Two older sisters are sitting there liking what’s happening. so why don’t you come out .. Hyung JN &InJN They sing Amazing Grace F is whistling F is liking it … He waves & does with His Hands … Ya Ya F says … Why don’t we invite you to sing … HyungJin brothers song If there are a lot of K sing in K or Am sing in Eng… They are looking for the lyrics I bring HyoJin alongwith me a lot & teach him to sing & He knows how to fight also . He does these well. Heaven likes earth and earth heaven & HyoJn likes the songs that peop on earth like & heaven he ike what heaven likes. Okay then sing in English but so sisters sing in English later brother sings in Korean .. (Sings something Hyun JN always used to sing) Father is affected by this …

And now HyungJN , You have to sing in Korean & the older sister try to sing along too. From Hyung JN , Mother used to cry a lot .. and He used to cry a lot with His Mother. . So I will sing in Korean …same song in Korean … F is very quiet & respectful … fixing paper and now Hand Gestures … Now I stand up and go , so Mother ? Why don’t you call Mother. Let us thank our TPs with a warm round of applause . Where is Mother? Tell Her to come quickly . I’m hungry too. Now that I’ve become a Grandfather, now you can even smell breakfast, lunch or dinner. Where is the Book. Tell Hyung JN to bring that Book. So, you have to hold it & when Mother is here , and dance . So, before Mother comes, wh don’t we sing that song. YeonAhNim sings Hyunng JN stands next to her. Yeon Ah Nim knows the words very well … ‘Mother is here Hyung JN Says & all applause & rise … Now flower presentation & 3 Cheers of Monsei … Ang Nef Te Call & wife offer flowers … Since the two of us have come , let’s sing a song before we leave. All of you probably yearn for your hometown .. 191 should have 200 nations. Not the one Mother started … Ne Goo Yong My Hometown … F is holding tight to HyungJN My hometown I can visualize the waters there How can I forget even in my dreams the beautiful oceans of my hometown. I wish to go there as days go by … Where have all my friends & comrades who I have been with . Where have they gone. I shall never forget them wherever I go. What are they all doing right now. I long to see them … All surround TP. Why have I now left my hometown and live here . I want to return . Maybe I’ll return . Go and be with my friends and live like how I did in the past. TPs walking through the asle ‘ Life to laugh & cry’ The birds are my friends , even now are living there … I am alone. How is it that now I have come to live alone like this ? I will like to quickly go back & live together . all applaud. I really sing a good song . Listen carefully. F & M start singing another song TPs went down the isle & back to the stage … 3 Cheers … 8th Anniversary of HSA & 50th of Day ofAll Things … TPs with stroller with grandchild … And all offer a bow and disperse … We will finish this Event and Thank You very much for coming … Ceremony now for witnessing results. F sent some fish to distribute to everyone …

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