Coyote Trails School of Nature Experiential Wilderness Skills Programs

«Redefining the Kid’s Summer Camp»
Coyote Trails School of Nature Experiential Wilderness Skills Programs

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, home to 10,000 foot peaks, countless mountain streams and lakes, Coyote Trails is a family-focused, experiential wilderness skills school. It is in teaching others that we learn and grow ourselves. More than a “kid’s summer camp”, at Coyote Trails we are dedicated to nurturing kids of all ages: from children to teens to adults; ages 7 to 70+.

Our extensive range of “outdoor adventure” courses gives students a chance to experience their own relationship with the Forest and the animals that live there; much more so than a traditional kid’s summer camp.

In the beginning courses students are introduced to the natural world in a new and exciting way. The building blocks of this new relationship are rooted in the ancient Primitive Living Skills that were lived by all people throughout the world. These skills include personal shelter construction from only what materials the landscape provides, primitive fire making methods, techniques for finding and gathering safe drinking water in the woods, silent movement, nature observation, naturalist study of animals and birds, tracking, and sign tracking.

Our unique curriculum teaches youth, teens and families the benefits of wilderness; through tracking, awareness, story telling, primitive skills, nature study and art. Our outdoor school focuses on camping for kids with a unique aspect of Coyote Trails School of Nature being our focus on families. We provide classes for a parent or grandparent to attend with their children. This positive experience together produces lasting results where the parent and child continue to grow together long after they have returned home. Students find a greater environmental awareness, deeper appreciation for cultural and creative diversity, and begin an amazing exploration of their own artistic relationship with nature, themselves, and their community.

There is no other outdoor adventure opportunity that so uniquely combines all of these endeavors in such an amazing natural setting as Coyote Trails outdoor school and camp. Your weeks’ vacation is a precious commodity and we take your family’s fun and adventure seriously. Explore the child within and find out how we have redefined the summer camp experience for all ages.

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