The Brief for confectionery-The brief-I have been commissioned by a newly opening vintage/retro sweet shop ‘Penny’s’ to create a sculpture to be displayed in the window display of their establishment. Being their first display it must be colourful and promote confectionary attracting customers into the shop. It must reflect vintage to relate to the theme and style of the shop. The sculpture size isn’t particular and has been left for decision, but it must have a strong impact on the viewers. Introduction-I have been commissioned to produce a 3D sculpture for the window of a vintage/retro sweetshop that has just opened and needs a colourful and vibrant window display to attract customers. The constraints mean I have to make the sculpture based around confectionary and persuade the audience to buy the range of confectionary products sold in the vintage sweet shop named ‘Penny’s’. It can be any size, but must reflect the vintage style of the shop. I have many ideas of how I could fulfil this. By looking at old sweet wrappings and recreating an old fashioned sweet shop display. By using bright vibrant colours I can make the sculpture appealing. The main target audience will be children, but can range to teenagers and adults. I need to make sure I appeal all age groups with the sculpture I design for the window display. If the sculpture looks aesthetically welcoming then the shop is more likely to be successful. This means I must plan the sculpture carefully as it is of high importance to the shop in which commissioned me. I will conduct research, by looking at primary and secondary imagery; this will broaden my knowledge and understanding into the looks of confectionary. Creating observational drawing will help me start to build ideas and during this process I can experiment with different media’s to show variety within my work. By looking at critical studies I can be inspired and influenced by their work and by incorporating their work into mine will make it recognisable and therefore attract an audience. I will make sure I have explored all media’s possible and investigate techniques and process thoroughly. This allows me to see which materials work best for the brief I need to meet. I need to be considering the size, construction and shape of my sculpture. Through developing initial idea’s I should be able to finalize a suitable sculpture that will take part in a window display for a vintage sweet shop called ‘Penny’s’. Artist I will be looking at include, Claes Oldenburg, Peter chang, Wayne Theibauld, Banksy and many more. I hope to present my pages all in a similar style and creative sense, using the confectionery unit as a theme for decoration on all pages.

Critical study annotations-
Lisa Milroy
I choose to reproduce Lisa Milroy because she uses a lot of repetition and uses symmetry to produce her artwork. I think this is very inspiration because I could use repetition or symmetry in my sculpture for the display in the shop window. I have been commissioned to produce a window display for the sweet shop ‘Penny’s’ and the sculpture must be boldly and brightly coloured but sustain the vintage style to fit in with the theme of the shop. I choose to produce her butterfly as it shows symmetry and most sweets are symmetrical. The colours she has used are bright and vibrant and I would love to incorporate this into my final sculpture. I could use her pattern work as decoration on a sweet wrapper perhaps or take her style of work and produce a display for the window. I do think it has a lot of black in it and although this is very bold it looks very harsh. I would like something lighter to display to create a friendly environment to invite an audience into the shop. Creating it in pastels gave it an interesting texture which may appeal to an audience. Overall I am very pleased with this reproduction and hope to incorporate Lisa Milroy’s work into my design work. To improve I will continue to experiment with other medias and continue looking at other artists for inspiration. In comparison to Wayne Theibaud he has repeated the ice creams within his artwork and the media in which he produced that item of work looks similar to Lisa Milroy’s. I think Wayne Theibaud uses lighter colours though so I will try and peruse a look closer to his.

Claus Oldenburg
I reproduced Claus Oldenburg’s cake using acrylic paint and glue gun to build texture. I am very pleased with this design because I think it looks interesting and appealing as I have used more than one media to reproduce it in. Claus Oldenburg produces a lot of 3D sculptures that represent food and confectionary. His work is amazing and I really admire him as an artist. This is my favourite reproduction on the page and I think the colours work really well as I have contrasts of light and dark. I would need to be careful not to completely copy Claus Oldenburg’s work when it comes to designing. The colours of chocolate work really well I think because it looks appealing and appetizing and this will attract and audience into the sweet shop ‘Penny’s’ I have been commissioned by to produce a sculpture for the window of. It needs to stay in the theme of vintage so I could incorporate Claus Oldenburg’s idea with my own to add it an element of vintage. It’s not a perfectly neat reproduction and an audience might think something like this is scruffy but I do like this style and produced in this way to give it texture and appeal. Overall I am very pleased with my reproduction and I think I will defiantly use Claus Oldenburg as influence within my design work. To improve I need to refine a neater method to some designs so I have explored all methods s and medias. In comparison to Kate Malone they have both created 3D objects and used food as an influence. I think Kate Malone has a more refined style and uses different colours that are more pastel and dark than Claus Oldenburg who just uses realistic colours.

Joseph Cornell
At the beginning of the year I had the privilege to go to New York with the school and whilst we were there we looked round many of the art galleries. In one particular gallery I saw originals of Josephs Cornell’s work. I love the way in which he uses collage and memories and nostalgia to create interesting and unusual pieces of work. I could have stood there for ages looking at it and interpreting it in my own way. I think he relates to this unit as he shows a more vintage approach to art work and as I have been commissioned to produce a vintage sculpture for a sweet shop window display he has given me brilliant influence that I can apply to my design work. I chose to present a small section of his work and focused on the documents and vintage paper he placed in the box. I really like the words printed in an old fashioned style on tea stained paper because it resembles vintage. I do think I could have produced more of his work instead of a small section. But as I have had a change to choose a close up it really shows the detail that he goes into within his work. I would love to use text within my designs maybe to say the name of the sweet shop. Overall I am pleased with this reproduction but to improve I would add more to this image as it looks a little bear. In comparison to Grayson Perry, he uses words within his work, like greed for example. Words like these would be perfect for confectionary and food and I will think of incorporating them into my own work.

Wayne Theibaud
Wayne Theibaud uses a range of pastel colours that are bold and bright. I have been commissioned to produce a sculpture for a shop window that is bold and brightly coloured so that it will appeal to an audience and attract them into the sweet shop. I think I have reproduced three of his images to a high standard well using three different medias. The pastel work is my favourite as I can blend the tones and colours together to create an infusion that looks appetizing and appealing to an audience. The fine line is neat and refined which stands out and looks bold but it lacks colour and I need to include a lot of bright colours within my designs so I am not just using black fine line when it comes to designing. The colour pencil reproduction allowed me to layer more than one colour on top of each other which looks strong and powerful; it also creates texture and looks vibrant. This is perfect for the design work I will go in to produce but I so feel I could have produced it on a larger scale to show the intricately of the deign more. Overall I am very pleased with the work I have reproduced and I find Wayne Theibaud very inspirational and hope to include his influence within my work. To improve I will produce work on a bigger scale and stick to medias that involve colour. In comparison to Lisa Milroy he uses bright colours and uses repeating within his work, as she does and shows with her work in various other objects.

Kate Malone
I reproduced Kate Malone’s Blackberry vase as its one of my favourite pieces by her. I think the colours are vibrant and strong, this is perfect as I have been commissioned to produce a bold and brightly coloured sculpture to display in a sweet shop window called ‘Penny’s’. I used colour pencil to create my reproduction and by using colour pencil allows me to layer up my colours to create infusions of colour that are bright, vibrant and lively. I think my piece looks like the work of Kate Malone and I am happy with the reproduction as this time I have concentrated on the actual picture and not made up my own interpretation. I could have added a 3D aspect into the lid more by contrasting light and dark. Also I fear the colours are too strong if I were to place them in a well-lit environment in a window it could be to overpowering. These are all points I will take into consideration when producing my final outcome and initial deigns. Overall I am very pleased with vase I have reproduced but need to tone down some elements to be able to incorporate it into my design work. To improve I will develop my colour pencil skills and continue to tone down some area’s whilst others will be more refined and strong. In comparison to Peter Chang they have both used strong colours and the shapes of their pieces are extremely interesting and imaginative and almost have an abstract feel to them. I will incorporate these elements within my final outcome.

Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry has produced some very complicated work and this I found tricky to produce so I choose to focus on a symbolic close up. I enlarged the hand symbol and collaged it onto the vase I made out of different pieces of coloured paper. I think the black on the yellow background looks bold and strong but I could have done more of the design to show more of Grayson Perry’s work. He uses a lot of words within his work and I should have incorporated this as I would like to include text within my design work. As I have been commissioned to produce a sculpture for a sweet shop window I can take Grayson Perry’s 3d aspect of his vase work and produce something within this style. Overall I am very pleased with the final outcome of my reproduction but feel I could have added a little more. To improve I will next time focus on a bigger close up of an artists work, unless it’s more intricate and has more detail to it. In comparison to Kate Malone they both produce vase work and I think the ceramic looks sturdy and bold, but as I don’t like using this medium and material so I will have to experiment with it first to see how well I can create a sculpture.

Chapman Brothers
The chapman brothers have some very unusual work, I don’t like there style of artwork but I thought it showed how things join to together and the piece I reproduced showed a lot of texture and mark making which I could incorporate into my design work. I don’t particularly like this reproduction I produced because the image itself doesn’t appeal to me and looks far too scary, I wouldn’t use a style like this in my designs as it would scare the customers and not be welcoming and appealing for them to come into the sweet shop ‘Penny’s. They have commissioned me to produce a boldly and brightly coloured sculpture for the window display of their shop. Fine line alone would look dull so I added in some colour to experiment with mixing medias, I think it looks powerful but for my designs I would need more colour. Overall I am not as happy with this reproduction but it has been useful as it has allowed me to experiment with mixing different medias together to create a bold but brightly coloured image. To improve I will try to apply this to my designs that I will be producing shortly in the project. In comparison to Grayson Perry they both have produced unusual work that doesn’t really appeal to me and that includes a lot of harsh and dull colours, I can take some influence from these artists but will use other artist as well and combine a collection to create a powerful and strong final design.

Andy Warhol
I reproduced an Andy Warhol reproduction and found this artist myself. He uses a pop art style and as I have been commissioned to produce a vintage sculpture for the display window for a sweet shop called ‘Penny’s’ I think this style of art looks to modern. What drew me to this piece of work was the fact it showed confectionary and that he had used old tea stained paper, this looks vintage and will fit in with the theme of the shop. When I went to New York with the school earlier this year I had the privilege of seeing some Andy Warhol work first hand but had never seen this ice cream before that he has produced so was surprised to find it. Reproducing it was simple as I made it graphical and used coloured paper. I did tea stained the cone and fine lined the overall outcome to make it look bold and refined. I think it looks bold and brightly coloured which is a constraint of mine set by the commissioners. The style is a little too modern but the old tea stain paper effect makes it look a, little older and therefore vintage. Overall I am very pleased with this design and hope to take certain aspects forward into my design work. To improve I will continue to look at artists to inspire my own design work. In comparison to Wayne Theibaud they both use bright and bold colour that are eye catching, I can use this to my advantage and use bold and bright colours to attract an audience into the sweet shop.

I re produced this burger but cannot find out whom the artist is that produced it. I have gone into to extensive research but have a hunch that it is work of Claus Oldenburg’s. This burger represents food and being a painting I chose to reproduce it in water colour. I used watercolour pencils to keep it tight and not to washed out. I think the burger contains strong and vibrant colours which is suitable for the shop window sculpture I have been commissioned to produce. It needs to be boldly and brightly coloured. I think watercolour can look too washed out but I am pleased that I have managed to keep this image strong and vibrant. I could have added in fine line to give it definition but I have previously experimented with this so wanted to show watercolour alone. Overall I am very pleased with this reproduction as it suits the constraints to my brief. To improve I could continue researching which artist produced this work as I do not know. In comparison to Peter Chang they both use bold and strong colours. If I want to draw an audience into the old fashioned vintage style sweet shop I need to use bold and vibrant colours to attract and audience’s attention.


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