Chainsaw Man! I made a custom Denji doll

Chainsaw Man! I made a custom Denji doll

After all those Ghibli builds, I’m taking a small detour into the world of doll customization to a custom Chainsaw Man figure using a Ken doll and various junk.

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Creators mentioned in this video:
Watch @Dollightful’s very excellent doll customization videos

Some of the things I used to make this:
Disclaimer: these are Amazon affiliate links and I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you)
2mm box chain:
Plastic arrow picks (the ones I bought are no longer available, something like this is similar):

— — — — —
00:00 — Start your chainsaw engines
00:29 — Dipping a toe into doll customization
01:04 — So no head then?
01:49 — Business attire only
03:12 — Don’t melt the plastic doll inside
04:07 — Arm surgery
05:25 — The knee-percussions of my actions
05:57 — Chainsaw arms
07:53 — omg shoes
08:30 — Dressing up Denji
11:00 — Chainsaw head
14:59 — Build-a-base
16:55 — Tearing through strawberry jam (blood effects)
17:35 — Roll that beautiful boy footage (+ Patreon shoutouts)
— — — — —

Special thanks to @gamechops and Sprightly for the use of their track, Dating Start from Undertale. Check out the song here:

Stream and support the song:

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