Chinese Brush Painting by Q Li Holmes

As part of the Big Read Program the Friends of the Amherst Library will present the works of Four Contemporary Chinese Brush Painters for its October art exhibit. Brush painting remains the traditional Chinese style and has been in existence for thousands of years. Using watercolor, ink, calligraphy, and seals (a stamp, unique to each artist) on rice paper or silk, it captures the spirit of the subject or scene in nature with a minimum of brushstrokes and balanced use of space.

Each of the following artists bring various levels of modern influence to this style: some very traditional and some pushing the boundaries of the tradition. While all are native to China, they now make their homes in New England.

After growing up in China, Yahong Shen received her doctorate from Harvard School of Design and has made Chinese Brush Painting her passion for many years. She now teaches Chinese painting and drawing in the New England area. Yahong Shen will present a demonstration of Brush Painting at the library on Tuesday, September 25, from 6:30 to 9:00PM. All are welcome but registration is required. You may register online or by calling the library at 672-6063.

Since her youth, Son-Mey Chiu received ten years of training in Brush Painting froman internationally acclaimed master from the second generation of the Lingnan

Lily (Blue Lotus) by Son-Mey Chiu

Cranes by Jing-hua Gao Dalia

Lotus by Q Li Holmes

Chinese Trumpet Creepers
by Yahong Shen

School of Chinese Painting, which revitalized the painting style of the Qing Dynasty. She also studied Chinese calligraphy from a well known calligrapher in her native Hong Kong.

Jing-hua Gao Dalia began her study of Brush Painting at the age of nine with her father, a prominent Chinese artist and calligraphy master. She also studied with some of China’s most outstanding watercolorists. Ms. Gao Dalia has a Fine Arts degree from National Taiwan Normal University and two years in the graduate art program at the University of Hawaii.

Q Li Holmes was born into an artistic family in China where her parents and grandfather excelled at calligraphy. After studying traditional Chinese painting in China and Japan, she moved to New England with her husband and daughter, and has been teaching
and exhibiting paintings for the past ten years.

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