Always Sunny

Always Sunny

She’s his forbidden fantasy. His oldest brother’s ex. And she’s the sunshiny friend who wants a baby of her own.


My forbidden fantasy. My older brother’s ex.

The star of all my teenage dreams.

Sunny. An apt name for the friend I’ve crushed on my entire life.

A one-sided crush. A secret I plan to take to my grave. Until she shares with me a secret of her own.

And I get a crazy idea.

At first, it might seem like a bad idea, but with greater consideration, it becomes the best idea I’ve ever had.


The once gangly, awkward baby brother has grown into a handsome, drool-worthy hotshot surgeon.

Of course, he’s totally off-limits.

His older brother was my first love, something our small town, and his family, will never forget.

But then a funny thing happens. I visit him in Houston, which is three hours by car but light years from the past.

Blame it on forty, but I step outside my comfort zone and go for all my dreams.

Ian’s crazy idea has me laughing, hard. But with one smoldering kiss, he becomes a temptation I don’t want to turn down.

The agreement is to keep it secret, simple, and sunny. Everything’s breezy…until it rains.

Always Sunny is a forbidden, older woman, younger man, friends-to-lovers, spicy romance between a young doctor and the girl that lived down the road, his brother’s high school sweetheart, and his secret crush.

Always Sunny is a standalone romance and is not part of a series, although characters from Trust Me (Sam Duke) and How to Survive a Fling (Oliver Duke) are in this novel. No other books need to be read to enjoy Always Sunny.

*Trigger Warning: Themes of high-risk, pregnancy issues.

See what readers are saying:

«A truly remarkable romance story and it put me on an emotional rollercoaster ride.» — Silke, Goodreads review

«Let me tell you that it’s a MUST read!! I absolutely loved this book and devoured it. It was definitely a page turner and made me feel so many things. There was drama, banter, love, intense emotions, spice, and chemistry. It was all on point! I loved every minute of reading about Ian and Sunny! Definitely a top 5 books of the year for me so far!!» — M. Swaine, Goodreads review

«Reverse age-gap romances are my Kryptonite, and Isabel Jolie delivered. I love the connection between Ian and Sunny. I immediately got the chemistry when they are first together in the book, and I love how Jolie infuses small details that establish the long history of their pining.» — Filipino Bookworm

«What a delightful book! I loved how unique and unexpected this story turned out to be and despite being quite emotional, it was still a fun and thoroughly enjoyable read.» — Floraljoy

«You get small town and big city love with this book and I couldn’t put it down!» — M. Gaston, Goodreads review

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