After School Program Portland — Art World School

After School Program Portland — Art World School

Discover a vibrant and imaginative world of art at Art World School’s After School Program in Portland. Our program offers a stimulating and enriching experience where children can explore their artistic talents in a unique and nurturing environment. With a strong emphasis on cultivating imagination, self-expression, and skill development, our after-school program provides a diverse range of captivating art activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Our experienced instructors, who are deeply passionate about art education, lead the way, empowering children to express themselves creatively while building confidence. Beyond art instruction, our after-school program creates a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children can forge friendships, enhance their social skills, and thrive. Whether your child attends our in-person sessions or participates in our online Fine Arts Classes in Portland, Art World School offers the ideal setting to unlock their creativity and inspire a lifelong love for the arts. Enroll your child today by visiting our website and discover the excitement that awaits them in our extraordinary after-school program.

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